Hurricane Floyd

The hurricane of 1999

What is a hurricane?

Hurricanes are extremely devastating storms. They are large, tropical rainstorms that can cause massive damage. Hurricanes can cause roof damage to total home failure.

Hurricanes are formed by tropical disturbances in warm ocean water and starts to form as a tropical depression. As they travel , they gain fuel or energy from the warm ocean water, and it weakens if they reach landfall. If wind speeds exceed 32 MPH, then it is a storm. If the wind speeds increase more then 79 MPH then it is a hurricane.

Categorizing and naming

Hurricanes are named in a boy-girl pattern. There are six lists of twenty names. The names of the hurricanes are recycled every six years. If a hurricane was to costly or destructive, then the name will be retired and never used again. The hurricanes are categorized with the Saffir-Simpson Scale of 1-5 with wind speeds of: 1)74-95 2)96-103 3)111-129 4)130-156 5)157+

Hurricane Floyd, 1999

The hurricane i chose was hurricane Floyd, 1999. Floyd formed on September 2, 1999. It made landfall on September 7, 1999. Floyd was a category four hurricane when it made landfall. Floyd made landfall on the Bahamas, coast of North Carolina, and the coast of New York. The highest wind gust was 120 MPH.


Hurricanes can be really devastating. Floyd was devastating causing fifty seven deaths mainly caused by flooding. Sometimes Hurricanes level whole cities, sometimes they peel off a couple shingles, but hurricanes never leave good results.

Ben Miner