Geographic Sites


Grand Canyon

One of the geographic place we will be going to is the Grand Canyon in Arizona.What we will be doing there is learning how many years it took to carve through all the canyons we will also be spending the day there exploring the sites and we will also have lunch there.We will get there about 1:00 and leave around 5:30.Grand Canyon National Park (U.S. National Park Service)

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The Best View of the Grand Canyon

Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains in Colorado would be a good place to go and learn about all the facts it has and how they found it.You will get to hang out with your friends and spend the whole day together and go hiking and explore nature you would also maybe get to go canoeing and have all sorts of fun.We will have lunch there and if you bring extra money if they have a gift shop you will be able to buy some cool souvenirs.We will be spending almost the whole day there and we will leave at 2:00 and leave around 6:00.Rocky Mountain National Park (U.S. National Park Service)

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Rocky Mountain National Park


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Anchorage Alaska would be a good place to visit because at night the sky glows up.We may be able to camp out.We will stay there for 2 nights and food and drinks will be payed for.During the evening we will take a ride on the Alaska Railroad and have lots of fun for the 2 nights.

Alaska Railroad Travel - Denali Express Tour Anchorage, Alaska: The Official Municipality of Anchorage ...

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