Silicon Dioxide

Kaneisha York ; 3BC

Basic information

Product: Coffee Creamer
Chemical: Silicon Dioxide
Chemical formula: SiO2


a. Density of Silicon Dioxide: 2.65 g/cm(cubed)
b. Melting Point: 2,912(degrees Fahrenheit)
c. Molar Mass: 60.08 g/mol
d. Boiling Point: 4,064(degrees Fahrenheit)

Type of Substance

a. Compound
b. Chemical Compound

Background Information

Silicon Dioxide, also known sand, you'll usually find Silicon Dioxide in salts, soups, and coffee creamers. It is said that Silicon Dioxide is necessary for healthy bones, skin, hair and nails. Research indicates that without Silicon Dioxide, it may lead to arthritis, poor bone formation, unhealthy skin and poor tooth development. Because silicon dioxide is a crystal, it can be an eye irritant if direct exposure occurs. Other Silicon Dioxide uses is in: Electronics, Conservation of Energy, Glass, Cement, and Refractory Materials.

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