The Gift and The Call

Last spring I came across this quote from St. Paul’s letter to the Romans. It resonated in so many ways and has given a new energy to my hope for Catholic education, specifically here at St.Pius. You have read our mission statement and heard us speak about the gift that children are to us and that they each come to us with gifts. The gifts they have are for the building up of the community of believers, the Kingdom of Christ here on earth. The quote from St. Paul communicates a deeper meaning. “For the gifts and the call of God are irrevocable.” Romans 11:29 For me that means that what God has given each of us is never taken back, neither the gift nor the call to bring that gift to the community. For forty years I have been in the ministry of Catholic education and this quote has raised the question, what if every child who comes through our school discovers some part of their gift and has an experience of a relationship with Jesus that allows them to hear his call? Look around and you will realize how much the Church needs those gifts, needs each baptized person to hear the call in the midst of a culture and world that desperately needs to see signs of God’s presence and people who are living the call and sharing the gift. The first witnesses of faith, of someone who has a relationship with Jesus for all our children are parents. So my prayer is for you that if you never had the opportunity to experience a relationship with Jesus that allows you to hear His call and see the gift you have, you will have that blessing in your life. Now I return to the children. The greatest heartache for a person who has seen generations of young people go through Catholic education is that any of them did not have this experience and the unique gift that still rests in their hearts remains undiscovered, unnourished and never shared with those of us that need it. Like a fingerprint, each gift is unique, Spirit-given. My hope is that our community unleashes the gifts within ourselves and within our children. The Church, the world awaits. HOPE.

Donna Lemaire

See Attached Letter from Ms. Lemaire to all SPES Parents