Family Trip

Hannah Louvet

family trip

have you ever been on a family trip or even on a family vacation? I heard that family vacation's are fun to go on family gets to bond together and laugh together and also play together and do fun things and places.

One summer my mom wanted to plan a family trip. She had always wanted to plan one. especially since I just had my baby girl. My mother had gave me 2 choices either to the mountains or the beach. I had to choose the beach because I haven't been in forever. The beach is my favorite place to go. I also wanted my daughter to go it will be her first time going to the beach. The weather is pretty today is 85 degrees at the beach and 72 here. I'm ready to go to the beach today. I want to get in the pool and do a long walk on the beach.

I started packing my clothes and my daughters clothes , diapers and things she is going to need. I almost forgot my phone oh I was going to be upset if I left home without it. I cant stay away from my phone. Momma had planned for us to leave around 12:00 pm so we could get to the beach around 4;30 . so we could have fun when we get there. I was happy as I have ever been. I was happy because its my daughters first time to the beach and her first family trip.

As I packed our stuff I went to load up the car and get Julia in her car seat buckled in. its almost 12:00 Hannah! My mother has yelled cause she was ready to go. She was happy and excited to . So I rushed to get Julia in the car so we could go to the beach. I couldn't stop smiling on our way t the beach I was ready to take pictures and explore things. I need more pictures for her baby book anyway. We had been on the road for awhile now and I had to change my daughter cause she was being fussy.

We stopped at a resting area so I could change her. That resting area looked so dirty I almost gagged. it smelled like butt. When I went to change Julia I heard something fall I didn't look back to see if I dropped anything. I was worried about changing my baby. After I changed her I was grabbing for my phone in my back pocket. I noticed it wasn't there in my pocket i started to panic!! I ran o the car angry like a bear cause I don't know what I would do without my phone.

I got in the car I said MOMMA MY PHONE IS MISSING!!!! She just started looking at me stupid and busted out laughing. she put her had out to me and she had my phone in her hand. I just started smiling cause I had really thought someone took my phone. Then my mother started to make a sad face. She showed me my phone screen. It was broken into pieces. I was so mad but then she said 'ill buy you a brand new phone honey don't worry" I will always remember this family trip cause we all enjoyed the beach I got me a new phone.