Mustang Message

September 6, 2015

Message from the Principal

Congratulations to Diane Long (LWTC) and Laurie Lattarulo (LWTHS) who were selected as staff members of the month for August. Both will receive a recognition certificate, a school golf umbrella, and a lunch certificate.We are also working on a recognition wall in Mustang Alley where their pictures will be displayed.

Both Diane and Laurie were randomly chosen from the nominees on the August Padlet Wall. Other nominees included Brenda Stevens-Harrison, Abby Lambley, Blanca, Rodriguez, Tony Singleton, Sabrina Medal, Pam Wilkin, Angie Imbriale, Olivia Ralston, and Carolyn Casserly. Take time to read the positive thing that peers are saying about peers and make sure to continue nominating staff for the month of September on the September Padlet Wall. Below is what was said about Diane and Laurie:

Diane Long

  1. She is passionate about helping students overcome difficulties.
  2. She sees her students as individuals and not as a drawer full of files.
  3. She is committed to students.
  4. She loves her job and it shows.
  5. She helps her colleagues.

Laurie Lattarulo

  1. Laurie works non-stop to ensure that our students, teachers and families are happy. She helped finish badges and move furniture on Friday evening before the opening of schools so that things would be smooth and seamless for everybody. She helped to organize the Freshmen Experience and was a smiling face ready to greet our new 9th grade students. There is noting Laurie won't do for LWTHS/LWTC.

  2. She is "Super Woman" when it comes to getting things done and all at the same time it seems!
  3. Laurie has am ability to manage multiple projects, from assembling the computer carts to ordering/delivering lunch for the school custodial staff, there isn't any job she will decline. She truly is the backbone, the heart of our school. She is more than the August Staff Member of the month, she's the staff member of the year!
  4. Laurie always goes above and beyond her call of duty. On Friday, when most people were at home with their families, she stayed to get the 9th grade badges completed so that they would be ready for Monday.

Thank you to all individuals who contributed to the August Padlet Wall. I can't wait to read the September nominations.

Have a relaxing Labor Day! You deserve a day off.


Tech Corner

Another Web on Wednesday is scheduled for Wed, Sep 9th - again two different sessions (2pm and 2:35pm) with the topic of Searching Tips and Tricks. You will learn some ways to improve your search techniques and find what you are looking for on the internet.

Upcoming learning events - Mark your Calendars:

  • Tue, Oct 20th - Unconference - Please be sure to complete the survey no later than the deadline on Fri, Sep 11th. Here's the link
  • Sat, Oct 24th - Discovery Education's Fall VirtCon - Gearing Up for Digital Age Literacies Viewing Party from 10:00am - 1:00pm (drop-in any time during those hours). More information here
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Photo credit to Amber Kessler CC image on Flickr


  • Sept 9th, Marco Leadership Group will be joining us for breakfast and a tour of our school. This is a group of business owners from Marco who have been long time supporters of our school. Ariel and Denise will be leading the tours through post-secondary programs around 9:00 AM.
  • The Social Studies Department and National Honor Society will be hosting the 9/11 ceremony on Friday, 9/11/15 beginning at 7:30 for juniors and seniors and 8:10 for sophomores and freshmen in the cafeteria. LWTC teachers and adult students are welcome to attend either session if they are interested, but it isnot required.


If you plan to use any of the laptop carts listed below, you need to reserve them on the scheduler found on the lwcampus.wikispace: Remember to return them to the location of check-out upon the completion of the day.

  1. LWTHS laptop cart #425-449 - 3rd floor break room
  2. LWTHS laptop cart #450-474 - 2nd floor break room
  3. LWTC and LWTHS Laptop Cart Media Center
  4. LWTC laptop cart in 2-111
  5. LWTC laptop cart in 2-227
  6. LWTC laptop cart in 6-123
  • Anyone interested in working on a committee to plan the Advisory Committee Luncheon. Please let Angie or Denise know by Tuesday Sept 8th. Committees include set-up, decorations, door prizes, and clean-up.
  • September 10th is the Annual Title I/Curriculum Night at 6:00 p.m. It is one of the three mandatory evening events for LWTHS teachers to attend. If you have a conflict, inform Jeff or Yolanda.
  • Early Dismissal on September 14 and 23rd: No projects due, no tests, no CCPS scheduled events.
  • September 22: No CCPS event scheduled after sundown.
  • Have you thought about sharing your Science, Technology, Engineering and/or Mathematics (STEM) dynamic classroom activities, mini-projects, or STEM career knowledge with others? If you have, go to the District's website to submit a proposal for the 5th annual STEM Conference that will take place on Saturday, October 3, 2015 at Golden Gate High School.
  • Teachers - Deliberate Practice Plans are due September 28, 2015. Time will be set aside during the September 14th in-service for you to work on your plans.
  • LWTHS teachers -Please remember to enter your PLC meeting minutes into Data Warehouse after each meeting.
  • LWTC Instructors -Course syllabus are due Friday Sept 18th.
  • Nominate a student or staff member of the month for September.
  • PLT Reflection forms due September 30th.

Staff and Student Recognition Program

We are excited to implement a "Staff Member of the Month" driven by your nominations. Please take the opportunity to nominate someone who is a great representative of the Lorenzo Walker Campus, who has gone above and beyond, and/or someone who has done something that you appreciated. The sky is the limit! Based on the nominations, we will randomly select one Lorenzo Walker Technical College and one Lorenzo Walker Technical High School staff member each month. The winners will be recognized and receive prizes. Please click on the Padlet link to nominate a staff member for September. Type the name of the nominated staff member in the "Title" portion of the Padlet post and your reasoning in the body of the post.

We will also be implementing a "Student of the Month" using the same format beginning in September. Staff will have the opportunity to nominate by grade level. There will be a Padlet board for 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, and Post-Secondary. Feel free to start nominating right away but we won't choose winners until the end of September. Follow the same protocol of putting the student name as the title and reason for nominating in the body of the post.

Post-Secondary Link:

9th grade Link:

10th grade Link:

11th grade Link:

12th grade Link:

Spotlight on LWTHS Staff Member

Blanca Rodriguez is a home town girl, born and raised in Immokalee. Before coming to LWTHS, as the guidance secretary, she worked at a charter school in Immokalee for several years. Blanca loves to make parents and students feel welcomed to our school. In fact, one of her biggest role models is Ms. Flores who she said always made angry parents smile by the time they left her office. You would never guess that Blanca is the mother to five children! In her limited spare time she loves to shop at thrift stores which she said is like treasure hunting. Next time you see Ms. Rodriguez, ask her about her three year old daughter and watch her face light up!

Spotlight on LWTC Staff Member

If you can distract her from her duties long enough, you will learn many things about Doris Estremera, LWTC receptionist. For example did you know that Doris loves to dance and is the Grandmother of eight? Doris grew up in Puerto Rico and became a child care worker when she moved to Florida. She has been with our school since 1998! It is a great thing that she is our receptionist because Doris is a people person and loves to greet our students and staff with a big smile every day! Doris is a talented seamstress, and she loves to crochet. She recently traveled to the Blue Ridge Mountains and next to Puerto Rico thinks it is one of the most beautiful places ever. Doris’s big smile and outgoing personality make her perfectly suited to be our receptionist!


  • Bruce Rutila, Khris Betten-Jutasi, Dan Miller, Kevin Monahan, Steve Parnell, Rita Kentros, Juan Romero, Karly Campbell, Lindsey Simmons, Mary Ann O'Brien, Anne Genovese, Katherine Cummings, Stephanie Scott, Jackie Hagerman, and Dave Gabriel, for hosting CCPS's newest guest teachers this week.
  • Abby Lambley for speaking to our school culture in the Naples Daily News Article
  • Shauna Kelly for providing training on events/fundraisers procedures.

Happy Birthday

06 - Annie Stout

08 - Bud Ray

09 - Tara Barr

10 - Kami Greer

10 - Geri Leonard

10 - Bob Waller

Upcoming Staff Meetings and Trainings

Upcoming Student Events

  • 9/8-9/22, Before/after school, NHS Candy Sale
  • 9/10, 6:00 p.m., Annual Title I Open House/Curriculum Night
  • 9/11, 7:30-8:30 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony
  • 9/19 , 8:00 -11:00 a.m., Keep Collier Beautiful Coastal Cleanup