Orthodox Jewish Culture

By: Tamera Robinson

Orthodox Jews ( Dress Code)

Jewish Orthodox women dress according to their custom called Tznius. No parts of their body will be exposed except from their palm and face. They only wear skirts or dresses, pants are forbidden. Married women will either wear a wing or Tichel (head scarf) to cover their hair. This shows that they are not available and that even their own hair is not for other men to see. The jewish call this type of dressing Tzniyut.

Orthodox men wear long black garbs,black hats and long beards. All men and boys will also have corps by their head (most of them).

Orthodox Jewish Lifestyle

Niddah or family purity it refers to the time that a women is having her menses( her period) and the way the couple should behave during their time. When a women is menstrating for seven afterwards marital relations are prohibited. Once his is over she performs a ritual bath called Mikvah and then they may start their usual marital relations. The law of the Orthodox Jews dictate that they have to do the Mikvah. If they don't they get punished by having to sell their religious scrolls which are very ornate and expensive.
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Days of Worship

The Sabbath or Shabbat is the Jewish day of worship. The official day is saturday it is observed from sundown on friday until Saturday. orthodox Jewish people are not permitted to work,cook,drive cars,use electricity, or touch money on that day. Food is prepared in advance and the women of the family light candles the day before so that they will have light in the house.

Food That Orthodox Jews Eat

When Orthodox Jews wat they have to follow the Kosher law. In the Torah =( Bible) Hashem (God) forbids from eating fish that don't have fins or scales,meat, and milk from animals that don't chew their food and have spilt hooves.

Orthodox Jewish Language

Many of the Orthodox Jewish people speak language of the country or region that they live in. Hasidic Jews first language is generally yiddish. For many orthodox Jews that live in Brooklyn, New York, English is a second language.
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Orthodox Jewish Gender difference

Jewish women are seen as wives and mothers. They are considered to be the heart of the home. They usually don't work outside of their home, in public and social situations, men and women do not interact. In some communities sex segregation is heavily practiced. At the local YMHA ( jewish community center ) or ( Young Men Hebrew Association) has separate pool sessions when the pool and exercise facilities are open to only men and the women at different times.