R.T Gosling Secondary School

Peel District School Board

"Hey Students, I Believe in You"

What makes the brand name so effective?

Ryan Thomas Gosling is a well known Canadian actor as well as activist. He has been known to volunteer at various charities as well his onscreen work is commonly referred to as art. Many students, both male and female look up to this super star as a role model. He has achieved both fame and fortune with hours of hard work and dedication, making him a prime example of the hardships the future will bring.

What makes the logo so effective?

The logo in itself is effective because it symbolises not only one of the achievments of the actor,  but it also relates to the learning aspects of school, with the representation of a notebook. The word in itself is a pun, because it is not only the regularly used stationary item but one of the first recognizable movies this actor starred in.

What makes the slogan so effective?

When people hear or see this slogan they will automatically relate it to this glorious man and the school he has built to help better the education of students. It was derived from a famous meme that utilises the actors face as a motivational visual for students.