Tech Tips and Tricks

Shrewsbury Elementary

Our Tech Team

Our school technology committee meets once a month and is working hard to take our school's technology to the next level. This newsletter was created to share our information with you. If you have questions please see one of our representatives!

  • K - Jenn Schiding
  • 1 - Michelle Harbold
  • 2 - Sarah Bunch
  • 3 - Missy Taylor
  • 3 - Brooke Lesinski
  • 4 - Mark Finn
  • 5 - Audra Cabrera
  • 6 - Sharon Lytle
  • Special Ed - Keri Ei
  • Specialists - Wendy Fitzgerald
  • Admin - Mary Dankosky
  • District member - Andy Shelow
World Without Teachers


Upstairs Carts (Macbook and ThinkPads)

If you are in charge of a cart, please make sure the cart is placed in the guidance office before you leave for the summer.

Downstairs Carts (ipads and netbooks)

The carts will be stored in the storage room in the 2nd and 3rd grade hallway.

Classroom Technology (teacher computers, Netbooks, and ipads)

Place all classroom devices together in one of the upper cabinets located near your TV. One of the tech committee members will be around to give you something to mark the cabinet so the tech department can easily locate your devices.

NOTE: A form will be sent soon about teacher laptops and your summer plans. We would like to know who is taking them home and who is leaving them at school. This will help the tech department if they need to find your laptop.

Any questions, please see a tech department member!

Organize Your Google Drive

Ideas to Start Off the 2016-2017 School Year (or now!)

Digital Citizenship - How to tackle digital citizenship in the first 5 days of school.

Click here to learn more!

Keyboarding Practice

No matter what grade you teach, this is an area that all students need practice! There are many game type practice sites. Click here to find one that fits your students' needs!

This idea can cover writing, researching, ELA, content...the list goes on!

National Geographic has a Picture of the Day. This is a great way to introduce new vocabulary, creative or descriptive writing, or let your kids guide the lesson as they ponder the picture!

QR Codes

QR codes are easy to make and can be used for many different things from bathroom passes to kids work. Find out how to use them, how to make them, how kids can use them and ideas for displaying them. Click here to learn more!