Bipolar Disorder

Imani McPherson

What is bipolar disorder?

Bipolar disorder is a brain disorder that causes extreme changes in mood, energy levels, and behaviors. It is also known as maniac-depressive illness.

Symptoms and Signs to Look For

Bipolar disorder may sometimes be mistaken as just depression. Depression is only one symptom of the disorder and can cloud the diagnosis. Other symptoms, besides depression, can include changes in behavior. Bipolar disorder may cause people to do risky things, act aggressively, and be very impulsive. More symptoms could be psychological or cognitive, causing the patient to be paranoid and have trouble thinking or unwanted thoughts. Other things to look for include trouble sleeping, sleeping too much, and rapid or frenzied speaking.

Ways to Seek Help


There are many different kinds of therapy that could help with bipolar disorder. Some types include support groups, cognitive behavioral therapy, and psychotherapy. Support groups can help patients by talking about there issues with other people who might be going through similar things. Cognitive behavioral therapy helps patients to control behavior, negative thoughts, and the way they respond to things. Psychotherapy is a way for patients to talk about there problems one on one with a therapist. All these methods of therapy can help the symptoms of bipolar disorder tremendously.


Many people with bipolar disorder use medications to help with their symptoms. Common medications include lithium, antidepressants, and anti psychotics. These medications help to control mood swings, and help patients think clearly.