#FF Hunt High

#Follow Friday: Hunt Teachers Using Technology 12/5


#FF Stands for Follow Friday. #FF is a hot trend in twitter to recognize people that you should follow. They are usually people setting trends and becoming pioneers. Each week, Hunt High School celebrates #FF with acknowledging teachers that are willing to take risk with new technologies. Check out this weeks #FFs. Got a great project/activity to share? Contact Mr. Mayo


#FF Molly Smith

Molly Smith's students took their Sports Med Projects to a new level. They created their traditional projects with displays, but also used Weebly to design webpages to inform their audiences. Students critiqued each other to learn more about the different sports.

#FF Beamon Google Art Project

Students in Ms. Beamon's Art Class learned how to navigate through the Google Art Project to study and critique Art. Students created Google Docs with the QSnap extension to create a digital critique of their favorite art. Check out the Google Art Project: https://www.google.com/culturalinstitute/u/0/project/art-project
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#FF Kim Pyland

Pyland took an annual research project on Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. Her students created Google Slides to research to get to know the true Charles Dickens before reading A Christmas Carol. Students will be becoming experts on certain topics and sharing with the class their findings.
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Please don't forget to post your social media tags/information into the google document share with you through google drive. The title of the document is "Let's Get Social." List all the means of social media that you are using your class. They can be facebook pages, remind 101 classes, google classroom codes, twitter handles, instagram, etc November will be our big campaign for social media to entice our students, parents, and community members stay informed on all the great things that are going on at Hunt High School. Let's Be Social!