April 28-May 3

What's Happening

Congratulations to Eunice and Eliana for an excellent performance in "Alice in Wonderland"! We all enjoyed it and know how much work you put into making it so wonderful.

The Benefit Concert will be held on Tuesday, April 30. Parents and families are encouraged to come out and enjoy more excellent performers. Tickets will be available at the door.

There will be No School on Wednesday of this week because of the Labor Day Holiday.

In Language, we are learning about poetry. We have already written some cinquain poems. We are also reading "Polar Bears Past Bedtime" and other stories about Iqaluit. Thursday, May 2, students will be reciting their poem for the class. One winner from the class will be chosen to move onto the finals at the MUST auditorium.

In Math, we are finishing up our unit on 3D shapes and will be learning more about 2D shapes.

In Science, we are "Exploring Liquids". We have learned about what a liquid is, which materials are absorbent, which liquids mix, and viscosity of liquids (how fast or slow a liquid moves). This week we will be experimenting to see if we can make porous container waterproof and finding out what happened to the water in our container that is in our window with no lid on it.

In Social Studies, we are continuing to learn about Iqaluit. We will be learning about what schools are like in Iqaluit, as well as what students do for fun. We painted pictures in the style of Ted Harrison, an artist who painted pictures of the Canadian North. We will learn more about the Music and Arts in Iqaluit. We made igloos from marshmallows and icing. See our igloos below.

Have a great week.