Elementary Curriculum Newsletter

Francis Howell Schools District

Coming Up

  • April 25: enVisions Math Training for Grade 3 – DLC 226/232 (sub code 053)
  • (May 7: Third Grade Report Card meeting with Dr. Williams)
  • May 14-15: Classroom Instruction That Works Training with BJ Stone - BOE Room
  • May 30: Last Day of School
  • June 2: Deadline for Submitting Surplus to Dr. Greiner
  • June 3: Kindergarten Units of Study Revision meeting (stipend) at DLC Room 114
  • June 4: Grades 1 & 2 Units of Study Revision meeting (stipend) at DLC Room 114
  • June 5: Grade 3 Units of Study Revision meeting (stipend) at DLC Room 114

Directions for Spring 2014 Surplus

Specific directions for packaging surplus materials were distributed to principals earlier this month through Vicky Frayne. Please be sure to follow the instructions for packing and labeling items for surplus, and then sending the information to Dr. Greiner. The timeline for submitting surplus lists has been moved to May 22 to June 2, and the warehouse will plan to pick up elementary surplus through June 4. Because of the amount of materials that could be included in surplus this year, John Hughes, the Warehouse Foreman at Burbes will have extra boxes available - please contact him if you need boxes. I hope the information below also helps as you begin this process.

Growing with Mathematics - Kindergarten

The "Off to Kindergarten" programs at the early childhood centers will be using some of the kindergarten GWM materials. The directions for kindergarten will be a bit different, as the items needed at the Early Childhood Centers will NOT be included in surplus. A list is being sent via email for what to include in boxes to sent to the District Learning Center (attn: Sherri Lorton). The remainder of items can be included in surplus. All of this information will be repeated in the email coming to you.

Growing with Mathematics - Grades 1-5

All BOOKS for Growing with Math should be included in surplus. This would include all items that were published by Mimosa or McGraw-Hill. Teachers manuals, student books that have not been used, discussion books, Big books, Math literature from this program, and Math from Many Cultures should ALL be included. Additionally, ancillary materials such as manipulatives and those items in the teacher resource kit CAN be included in surplus, OR they can be kept in your room or building if teachers find them beneficial. Big Books more recently purchased from Origo can likewise be kept or included in surplus, depending on how they might be used in the future in your classroom/buildings.

(Envision Pilot Teachers can also put their Teacher Editions in surplus; new ones will come for the new copyright. Please keep your MANIPULATIVE KITS as previously discussed!)

Literacy by Design

All Literacy by Design WHOLE CLASS materials can be included in surplus. Please keep the small group materials (teacher edition and small group sets of books) to continue to use in your classroom for guided reading.

Handwriting without Tears

Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades will be receiving new manuals that correspond to a new edition when they receive student books for Handwriting without Tears. You can put your current teacher's manual in surplus.

Health, Science, and Social Studies

Grades K-3 should NOT put any Science Fusion in surplus. However, if you still have older Science materials or Social Studies materials that are not being used in Units of Study, you can include those items in surplus.

Grades 4-5 should keep all current Science and Social Studies materials. They will be used in your Units of Study.

All grade levels should keep Health materials; these should not be included in surplus.

Report Card Resource Book Information

Report Card rubrics went to coaches (ELA) and the math leadership team (Math) for initial feedback due tomorrow, April 25. Rubrics will be revised and posted to HowellNET for feedback from all teachers on Monday, April 28. The report card resource book will be available for teachers on May 12.

Instructional Minutes for Next Year

As a reminder for next year, the suggested number of minutes for instruction for next year for all grade levels is 75 minutes for enVision math and 160 minutes MINIMUM for Units of Study, with an average of 90 minutes in reading and 60 minutes in writing (some of which may have content integrated).

Professional Development and Continuing Education Opportunity



AUG. 26 – DEC. 9, 2014

Tuesdays, 4:30 – 7 p.m.

MySci Resource Center

6601 Vernon Ave

University City, MO 63130

Edu 6012 will be geared towards teachers of grades 3-8 and will include multiple hands-on activities you can use in your classroom. You will experience a portable planetarium, discover Internet resources, such as Stellarium, and visit the Crow Observatory.

Edu 6012 is aligned with Missouri GLEs (Strand 6 Universe) and national framework/standards documents (Earth and Space Sciences 1.A and 1.B). The instructors, ISP Faculty Fellow Pat Gibbons, PhD, and Jack Wiegers, ISP science educator will also illustrate throughout this course a number of places where math and engineering connections are made.

· Build equipment your students can construct in the classroom (star charts, astrolabes, telescopes, pinhole viewers, solar motion demonstrators, and more).

· Use the equipment for finding, observing, and describing the patterns of motion of the Sun, Moon, planets, and the constellations of the Zodiac.

· Create models to explain observations, e.g. a ray model of light, a scale model of the solar system, and geocentric and heliocentric

Credit: 3 graduate credits, tuition is $415 per credit

Credits are applicable to a graduate certificate in science education

If you are interested or have questions, please contact

Paula Smith, 314-935-6846.

Click to reserve your space for this course http://schoolpartnership.wustl.edu/events/edu-6012-earth-planetary-systems/

Registration ends August 8

If you are interested or have questions, please contact

Paula Smith, 314-935-6846.

For additional information about topics in this newsletter, please contact Dr. Sherri Lorton