By: Sarah Molitor

Honduras is 43,278 square miles and about the size of Virginia.


The capital of Honduras is Tegucigalpa. Tegucigalpa has a population of 1.2 millon people.
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TEGUCIGALPA is my Capital


The terrain in Honduras in mostly mountainous and has a narrow coastal plane.
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Honduras Mountains


The climate in Honduras is Tropical and Sub Tropical.
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Time Lapses in Honduras 2012


The population of Honduras is about 7.8 million.
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People of Honduras

Ethnic Group

The Ethnic group of HOnduras is made up of a few different groups. There are Mestizo, indigenous and other Europeans, Arab, African and also Asian decent.
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El Condor Pasa. 엘콘도르파사 Inca Music. Jeonju International Film Festival
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The language that is mainly spoken in Honduras is Spanish.
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Honduras Spanish Institute

Major Industries

The major Industries in Honduras are Textile mills and apparel, cement, wood products, cigars, and food products.
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Honduran Rosewood hard wood Floor planks are handcrafted excellent quality wood flooring


Some examples of agriculture in Honduras is coffee, bananas, shrimp, lobster, sugar, fruits and basic grains.
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Tropical Sustainable Agriculture tour - Honduras 2008

National anthem

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Honduras National Anthem Vocal


The currency in Honduras is called Lempira.
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Honduran Currency

Major religions

Some major religions in Honduras are the Roman Catholics and Christians.
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Manajah Presents : Honduras

Historical Facts

Honduras didnt become independent until 1838. Also dictators rule there country.
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Zelaya's Attempted Coup in Honduras

Type of Governtment

The type of government in HOnduras is Legislative and Executive.
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Government of Honduras has violated our Human Rights

Famous Actor

Renan Almendarez is a famous actor in Honduras.
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Famous singer

Angeld Bendeck is a famous singer from Honduras.
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Famous Athlete

Steve Van Buren is a famous athlete from Honduras.
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Remembering Steve Van Buren


Porfino Lobo Sosa is the leader of Honduras.
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"Les voy a revisar hasta los calcetines" advierte Lobo a empresarios


The flag is blue and white with 5 stars on it which are the 5 oringinal central american provinces.
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Honduras Flag and Anthem

Dia del nino

Means childrens day, a national holiday that compliments mother and fathers day.
Celebración Dia del Niño, Proyecto Manglares de Honduras Parte 3
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First People to live in Honduras

Some of the first people that lived in Honduras were natives and different groups.
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Banana reblulic

Honduras is referred to Banana Republic because its a political science term for plitical unstable country.