Fine dining

What to do

Your first time?

First you should always place you napkin in your lap

A La Carte and a La Mode


A La Carte: listing or serving food that can be ordered as separate items, rather than part of a set meal.

A La Mode: current fashion or style

Need assistance?

Here are ways to properly get your waiters attention:

Raise your hand, but don't wave. Most waiters are very busy but will get to you eventually. Be patient if the restaurant is packed. The waiter might have many tables to help besides yours.

Talk to your waiter with respect. Control your tone and attitude, a bossy or condescending way of speaking is not needed. Never yell or snap your fingers to get attention.

Make eye contact with the waiter.

What is gratuity?

Define: a tip given to your waiter

On the bill? You tip on what the bill would come to before you factor in coupons or 2-for-1 deals.

Helpful Hints!

  • Choose a place with a varied menu. It’ll make it easier to find something healthy and to your taste.
  • Don’t decide to eat out on the spur of the moment, if possible. It’s best to make plans and account for it during the rest of the day’s menu planning.
  • Fish restaurants and restaurants with extensive salad bars usually have healthy options available.
  • Try to avoid restaurants that promote “entertainment” eating, where the food is one of several attractions. This usually means the menu is choked full of fried, fatty and huge dishes.
  • Any restaurant with a mascot is probably bad news.