Springboard: Life Science

A Pipeline of Innovative Women-Led Companies

11 years and counting...

Springboard has been working tirelessly for 11 years to build a pipeline of innovation in the life science industry. In that time, we've been dedicated to supporting hundreds of women-led businesses like Xenogen, Achillion Pharmaceuticals and Minute Clinic to help them scale their game-changing technologies.

Now, we're looking for YOUR help

While in the past we've supported our life science pipeline exclusively through corporate underwriting, we're now turning to you to help us provide a more distributed, sustainable source of funding. We're halfway to our goal of $100k and we need your help to "crowdsource" the remaining funding we need to raise.

Why we need your help

We operate a lean staff and pour immense resources into the programs we run and the companies that participate. When we raise money to underwrite a program we raise just enough to break even - the real value we create year after year is our alumnae base which continues to grow and be an ongoing source of opportunity and connections for the organization and our network at large.

How you can help

Click here to contribute $1k to sustain the Springboard life science pipeline. If you cannot give at this time, we understand, but would love your help sharing this with a few of your colleagues and friends.
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