Kindergarten Newsletter

Week 19

Important Reminders:

Dates to Remember

January 8- Field Trip- Mrs. Eichenberger and Mrs. Walker

January 11-15- College Week:

Monday- Wear sweats

Tuesday- Wear slippers

Wednesday- Dress as your future career

Thursday- Wear a college hat

Friday- Wear a college shirt

January 12- Science Fair Projects Due

January 18- Student Holiday (No School)

January 22- Tiger Dad's Movie Night- 6pm

January 25- Spirit Night at Chipotle

Science Donations

We are starting a science unit on our wonderful earth. The students will be exploring different aspects of our planet. We would like donations of small shovels (i.e. gardening trowels), buckets, etc. to help us explore. You can send them with your student

Labeling Coats

As the weather gets colder and students are wearing coats to school, we would ask that you would label your child's coat with his or her name. Coats are frequently misplaced or forgotten outside, and many children have coats that are very similar which often makes it difficult to return the coat to the correct child. Thank you!

Learning Targets

Language Arts: I can recognize and write the letters O and F, read and write the star words to and have, and understand and use complete sentences.

Math: I can identify a penny, nickel, dime, and quarter. I can match coins to their value. I can count on from 5 and 10 to count change.

Science: I can explain what a geologist does. I can investigate soil and dirt like a geologist.