Improve ACT Score

Improve My ACT Score By At Least 3 Points

Benefits of this Goal

The benefits of increasing my score on the ACT will increase my chance of getting into college and getting more money in scholarships.


S=Specific(What exactly will you accomplish?)

M=Measurable(How will you know when you have reached your goal?)

A=Attainable(Is attaining this goal realistic?)

R=Realistic(Why is this goal important to you?)

T=Time-bound(When will you achieve this goal?


Increasing my ACT score and getting at least a 26.


After I receive my ACT score, I should know whether or not I achieved my goal.


If I pay attention to what my teachers say, practice hard, and try my very best on the test, this goal should be very attainable.


This could could make my future easier. Improving my ACT score now will give me more money for college, reducing debt I could possibly have.


I will achieve this score by April 9th, 2016; hopefully before.


(Action-Expected Completion Date)

  • Take December ACT-12/12/2015
  • Take February ACT-2/6/2016
  • Take April ACT-4/9/2016


(Obstacle-How to address them)

  • Unable to take the ACT on a certain date-Take it on the next date available
  • Not offered in Bad Axe on a certain date-Find a different location giving the test