aborigines bullied in home country

By Brody Ross

It is still possible to find a diamond ion the rough.

Warning!! The Aborigine population is sinking, the English have destroyed this vivid and important culture. No one's culture is better or more vivid or interesting than your own, so we should respect these natives. We have invaded and need to retreat and give them back their land, if you were kicked off of your land, and killed, you would be mad and then they call you a savage. We need to support and preserve this beautiful and peaceful culture. The aborigine population in their own land is only 2 percent of what it was, and we need to find a diamond in this beautiful culture.

selling points

-As you can tell by now, the aborigines are kind, yet still being discriminated against. What can we do? We can be nice to everyone and to aborigines, They are nice too.

-As I said a bit ago, its possible to find a diamond in the rough, it is hard but these aborigines are diamonds just waiting to be polished, we need to be kind.

-The aborigines need to be left alone, or in peace so we need to leave or welcome them

-Aborigines are still being discriminated against, and it is their home country, we need to do something.