Shark Soups and Facts

By Jaida Brewer 7Grade

'There is a fearless creature in the water' a fisherman said. At once he got an idea to make his favorite shark soup. Because after all sharks die by people cutting off there fins and throwing them back into the water. Sounds delicious right!

Why do humans want shark in there soup ? Because either they just like killing sharks or they think its good for meat for the soup.

One thing that might like about the shark meat is it chewy or hard to bit into .Do you ever wonder if sharks meat is hard or slimy ? I think its slimy because when there in the water they can carefully glide across it like licking icecream.

Would you ever eat or at least try shark?I would but l problilly be a little nervous because I haven't tried it and I am already 13. Plus I don't like killing animals.

My thought about sharks is fearless because everything I hear on TV is like people getting killed by them .

About how long do sharks stay alive ?There is not a certain date ,time or place that they die .A boat will just come and it will have a fisherman on the boat and he will get the fish just like that!

What happens when they die ?Whenever they die they sink towards the bottom of the tank and others go around it .

What do they eat? What they eat is snails , crab , rays , and other sharks.


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