Sam Houstion University

By: Patricia Rodriguez


1806 Avenue J, Huntsville, TX 77340.


Sammy Bearkod is Sam Houston Sate University mascot.

Tuition Color

The tuition color of Sam Houston University is White, Blue, and Orange.

12(H) Tution & Fees

The 12(H) tution & fees is $3,647.00

Book Supplies Cost

The book supplies cost is $500.00

Semester Approximat Fee

The semester approximat fee is $8,302.00

Required Application Fee

The required application fees is $4,500.00

Parking Permit For 1 Year

The parkink permit for 1 year is $110.00

Small Housing Per/Sem

Capactity is 36 coed, carpet no, A/C central, notes 10, the final cost is cost is $1,790.00.

Large Halls Pre/Sem

Capacity 530, carpet yes, A/C central, notes 2,3,8,9, the final cost is $2,712.

Dinning Rates

The dinning rates are any 160 meal plans plus $150 bonus $1,390 per semester.


Basketbal, Soccer, Football, Basball, Volleyball, Tennis, Golf, Track, Cross Country, Cheerleters.


SHU has an enrollmet of more than 18,400 student acroos over 80 undergarduate, 54 masters, and 6 doctoral degree prgrams.

Subjects Requirements

The subjects requirement is English 4, Math 4, Science 4, Language 2, History 2, Social Study 2, Electives 6.


The exam is (Sat or Act).