Fourth Grade Library Newsletter

October 9, 2015

Hello CCE Library Friends and Families! October is here and isn't it lovely? This time of year finds me on my front porch, coffee or tea in hand and a good book shared with one of my kids or occasionally, greedily stealing a couple minutes to read alone. I hope you are all enjoying the more fall like weather (when we have it) and all of the things that fall means to you.

It has been a very busy couple weeks! I apologize for not getting a newsletter out the last two weeks but I am trying to figure out the best way to reach more people. In the end I have decided to continue posting it to the library website and sharing the link to this week's newsletter. I love the ability I have to share videos and pictures online so I'm going to give it another try.

This year has been a big change for us in the library since I have so much built in time for technology instruction and practice. It is amazing to me how much we've already been able to do!

Technology Tuesdays

Each Tuesday the fourth graders and I focus on technology together. Starting next week we are going to spend some time getting used to using Typing Club to become more familiar with typing on the keyboard using proper technique and hand placement. This week I forgot to ask the children to bring their passwords with them and we decided instead to spend a little time exploring This resource is available to the children online and can be accessed from any computer either directly or through the school website. There are various activities for each grade level that address multiple different areas of interest such as math, reading, strategy building, etc.

Sharing Literature

Thursdays are spent together sharing the love of reading. We talk about what the kids have been reading at school, home or otherwise. This is a great chance for kids to hear about the books their friends are reading and to share great titles with each other.

Fourth graders are currently reading Capture the Flag by Kate Messner together in class on Thursday. This has turned out to be an exciting caper full of United States history and even dabbles a bit in current politics. The kids and I are enjoying this story depicting a robbery of the highest degree. Someone has stolen the Star Spangled Banner flag from the Smithsonian despite the numerous security controls in place!! There are three kids that think they can solve this mystery while most of the city is snowed in at the airport.

Please remember fourth graders check out new books on Wednesdays and encourage the children to return any finished books on or before Wednesday.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Brennera

Clear Creek Elementary Library

Hi! I'm Mrs. Brenner, and I am your child's Teacher Librarian. Please stop in and say hello or check out books to take home for your family any time! Please do not hesitate to ask me if you have a question about anything as well.