The Ancient TImes

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What did they eat with

Spoons were made of Bronze and bone some included wood, forks made of carved bronze, bowls and cups were made up of clay until the Phoenicians made the glass bowls and cups.


What types of food did they eat?

Romans had Barley, olive oil, wine, beef, pork, lamb, chicken, fish, cucumber, lettuce, apples figs, nuts, cheese, and eggs.

How did they eat?

They had special classes like the rich got to choose from the menu and poor didn’t they got whatever the cooks wanted to make.

Did the Romans have any certain meals?

They only had certain meals if they were on battle, or certain events/holidays.


Ancient Rome had many types of food, eating utensils, and special ways to eat. In Ancient Rome food was unique, the utensils were Bronze with certain designs, and the groups they ate in were usually full of people including the army.

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