A city lost from time, has come back to life!

Pompeii's Popular Places

Wow, you have to check these sights out!

A definite "must see" in Pompeii are its ancient ruins. With the ways of past lives still frozen in time.

The Basilica- Was a court of law in Ancient Pompeii, with marble floors,wall,and columns.

The Theatre-Before Mt. Vesuvius' eruption, hiding the city,this theatre would sit up to 5,000 people of Ancient Pompeii. and last but certainly not least........

Baths Of The Forum- Pompeii had six places to take a bath, publicly! but of course their were different places designated for men and woman!

Pomeii's Past And Present Languages

You might want to brush up on a couple languages. :)

One of the main languages in Italy is Italian, how ironic!

But in Ancient Italy, Latin was the main language. But because you aren't time traveling so you don't have to learn it.

So if you come to visit Pompeii only knowing english, you might run into some trouble.

Pompeii's Weather and Climate

What you should bring for weather and what you should do for Pompeii's seasonal tourism.

The Spring Time- It's a pleasant 60-70 degrees, so make sure you pack for cool and warm weather (shorts and a jacket). This is one of the best seasons to visit Pompeii due to medium size crowds.

During The Summer- It is a constant 80-90 degrees. You should definitely pack some sun screen. And if you have claustrophobia, i would NOT recommend coming. This season is packed full of tourists.

Winter- Always in the 50's. Their are high winds, but this is when the smallest crowds of the year come to Pompeii, so pack thick jackets, fur boots, and sweat pants.

And In The Fall- Its around 70-80 degrees at a constant, and heavy rains, so i don't know if i would go during this season.

So just remember to pay attention to the weather and crowd sizes, and you'll be fine.

Popular Pompeiian Meals

The must eats of Italy!

Most main courses for dinner include antipesto, which is basically a course that consists of olives,anchovies,cheeses, and meats.

Widely known Italian meals are spaghetti,linguini,macaroni, and fettucini. a sauce that can be found in most of the meals i just listed have con salsa alla bolongnese (spaghetti sauce).

But if you just want a snack, chestnuts covered in sugar and chocolate are a definite favorite.

Make sure you try all of Pompeii's Popular dishes!

Historical Pompeii

I bet you never guessed what happened here.

Pompeii Ruins-built more than 2,000 years ago, these buildings and other things will blow you away.

Something really different is that their are shells or molds of Mt. Vesuvius' victims' bodies from the eruption. The "shells" were made of hardened ash and cinder that was on their bodies more than two-thousand years ago.

in the year 79, Mt. Vesuvius erupted, covering Pompeii in over 75 feet of cinder,stone,and ash.

Pompeii was under the ashes for hundreds of years before being re-discovered in the 1700's.

Its pretty amazing what happened here along time ago.

Fun In Pompeii

Look at all the things you can do here!

You can always visit Herculaneum. It is a city, just like Pompeii, that was fossilized by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius.

The Capri Azzuri Grotto is a dark cave with sparkling blue waters exaggerated with beautiful lights.

Mount. Vesuvius, located less than a mile from Pompeii. If you love to adventure, this volcano will be perfect.

Ancient Pompeii: Blast from the past! but in a great way, when you visit the ruins, you all be mesmerized! Their is always more than one thing to do in Pompeii!


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The Lost City of Pompeii