The Buzz...from the Busy Bees

Mrs. Slominsky's Class 2015-2016

April 4-8

Hello Busy Bee Families,

It was great to see so many families at Family Fun Night on Friday. I know my kids slept great that night! I appreciate everyone who contributed to our class basket, to our game, and who helped make the night a success! We have such an amazing PTA!

I sent home the new April snack calendar last week. Please let me know if you need another copy. If your child's name isn't on the calendar, they will be one of the first kids to bring snack in May. Did I just write May? Wow! This year is flying by.

It's going to "bee" a great week!

Mrs. Michelle Slominsky

Reader's Workshop

This week's reader's workshop lessons will focus on using non-fiction text features to read and comprehend a text. We'll be reading a book called Pushes and Pulls. We'll learn to look at the table of contents to find specific information in a text, read the headings to determine what the section will be about, and look at the captions to understand a photograph.

Writer's Workshop

I am so impressed with the Busy Bee's writing. Students are really thinking of great ways to begin their stories. This week we'll move on to what I call the "Meaty Middle." We'll learn that the middle of our stories need to:

1. tell the story in order (can use transition words)

2. include details to help the reader understand

3. use juicy words to keep readers interested (adjectives)

Math Workshop

Kindergarten - This week we'll be learning how to use number bonds to show different addition and subtraction equations. Click here to watch a short explanation video. Your child will learn to determine the whole (sum) when shown two known parts and to determine the missing part (missing addend) when the whole and one part are known.

First Grade - This week we'll continue learning to tell time to the half hour. Your child will be able to show time in multiple ways. For example, they can:

1. Show/Tell time on an analog clock

2. Show/Tell time on a digital clock

3. Write the time - ex: 4:30 = half past 4, 5:00 = five o'clock

Content/Language Workshop

We'll begin our content/language workshop by spending time in our Makerspace on Monday afternoon. The kids will be given the challenge to make a cotton ball move without touching it. They can build anything they can imagine. This will be our introduction to our science unit on Force and Motion. Children will learn that things can move in may different ways (slide, roll, spin, etc.) and there are different forces (push, pull) that make things move. We'll also get to play a bit with friction by testing toy cars on ramps that are covered with different surfaces. We'll be reading The Three Little Pigs and thinking about the force that the wolf used to make the houses fall down. We'll end the week in Makerspace with kids building their own sturdy house that can't fall down. We'll test the strength of their houses against the wolf using a hairdryer as our force. It's going to be a super fun week of exploring and learning!

All Pro Dad Breakfast

Thursday, April 7th, 7:30-8:15am

3414 South Mentor Avenue

Springfield, MO

Dads and their kids are welcome to attend this awesome event!