Freak the Mighty

Society Ugliness

Why I Think the Theme is Society's Ugliness.

The title of the book relates to society's ugliness by the way Max and Kevin are characterized. Right away Max is mighty because he's big, and Kevin is a freak because he's smart. Society doesn't give either of them a chance to prove themselves to be better than just mighty or a freak. Thats whats wrong with society today.

Why the book is man vs. society?

This book is man vs society because Max and Freak have to go against the communities description of an 8th grader. When Freak and Max went to the fireworks display, the gang who followed them were yelling obscenities at them. The town would look down upon Max because his father was Killer Kane, and they thought he would turn out just like him. People would look down on Freak, literally. Due to his size he was picked on. The two end up not caring what others thought.

"You! The freak! You and that giant retard,I'll cut you down to size. Dice and slice, baby! Freak show time!"

On page 35, Tony was saying this to them to frighten them. I'm sure the words made them feel bad about themselves. Tony was judging them before they even knew their real names.

Differences between Killer Kane and Max

A first difference is that Kane has killed someone, and Max hasn't. The two are related by blood but not by personality. Kane lies to people, Max doesn't really know how. Max has compassion and is likable, but Kane just has a creepy feel to him and isn't fun to be around. But Kane has made horrible choices and people are judging Max, his son, for it. People are looking at Max to see if he will snap and turn into a monster like his father. Thats whats wrong with society today, they judge anything before finding anything out.