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Snapshot of the Week for Team Elite!

Team ELITE Newsletter



Team Teachers:

Carrie Chafin - Science and Team Leader -

Phillip Rogers - Math -

Eric Mitchell - Social Studies -

Laura Farmer - ELA -


Students can attend tutoring by appointment with the team teacher during morning sessions or lunch and learn. Please provide the team teacher a day of notice if attending tutoring.

Team/School News:

Students had a great week with STEM, awesome math lessons, exploring Social Studies, and writing narrative pieces in ELA! We can't wait for another fantastic week.

Classroom News:

Math -

Monday - Review Exponents and Order of Operations Text modules 7-1, 7-2, and 7-3

Tuesday - Quiz on Exponents and Order of Operations Text modules 7-1, 7-2, 7-3.

Wednesday - Writing/Translating Expressions Text module 8-1

Thursday - Identify Parts of an Expression Text module 8-1

Friday - Evaluate Expressions with Substitution Text 8-1

Science -

Monday and Tuesday - Reviewing Earthquakes

Wednesday: Checkpoint over Earthquakes

Thursday: Begin Volcanoes chapter 5

Friday: Continue Volcanoes

ELA - Students will use the rough narrative they wrote this week, and refine throughout the upcoming week, in hopes to develop a truly excellent narrative that would activate the most hesitant writer. It's going to be a fun week!

Monday: Bellwork. Day of the Dead Verb! Day One! Students will choose a weak verb such as is, was, am, are, look, had, have, or be to eliminate from their writing. Students will write a eulogy for this particular weak verb.

Tuesday: Bellwork. Day of the Dead Verb Burial. All students should wear somber colors to school. It will be a sad day as we go and bury our verbs. These verbs will never be allowed into our writing again.

Wednesday: Bellwork. Students will analyze the narratives they wrote last week for dead verbs, and learn how to construct stronger more concise sentences with active verbs.

Thursday: Bellwork. Students will hook their readers by designing fantastic beginnings to their narratives. Students will peer assess and revise the beginning of their narratives.

Friday: Checkpoint on commas and reading comprehension. Students refine the endings to their narratives, analyzing various ways to close their narrative.

All bellwork, writing assignments will be posted in Google Classroom.

***We will begin the new novels and STEM projects within the next two weeks.****

Patriot's Pen Writing Competition! Students are encouraged to enter the writing contest called, "Patriot's Pen". The top prize is $5,000. This is a national competition, and we would love for our students to contribute to it. They are all excellent writers! There will be information in regards to the contest on Google Classroom.

Social Studies -

Monday-Introduction to Canada's Government (NO vocab quiz this week)

Tuesday- Review Quebec Independence's quiz. Canada's Government

Wednesday- Canada's Economy

Thursday- Canada's Economy

Friday- Review of Canada Standards

Congratulations to Paige and Eric for being named Team Elite's Students of the Week!! Thank you for being strong examples of R.I.S.E.! Way to be awesome!

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Author Party and Contest Winners Announced!

Thursday, Oct. 20th, 7pm

85 Literary Lane

Newnan, GA

If your child is in Mrs. Farmer's 4th or 6th period gifted/advanced classes and submitted a fantasy narrative for the Fantasy Fiction contest, please mark this date on your calendar. I will be attending. It is a chance to meet real middle grades authors of fantasy fiction, learn some writing tricks, and find out who won the writing contest. Hope you can join us!
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Monday, October 24th (3:30-4:15) Meeting in Mrs. Farmer’s Room Permission forms due Read for the Record.

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"Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day"

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