what is?

It is a company of software so famous for being the creator of the web browser called Netscape Navigator. It was bought by AOL in 1999, also Netscape is a software company famous for being the creator of the web browser Netscape Navigator, finally Netscape company was bought by AOL in 1999.
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who was the creator?

There are two mans so important in the story Netscape, because without them this browser can't exist, I am talking about the creators James H. and Clark and Marc Andreessen, lets talk first about James, he born in 23 of march in the year of 1944 in Texas. he is an businessman and scientist of computation, he found a lot of companies with a lot of technology, inside those companies are the first internet browser called Netscape.
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How this help society?

Netscape help society because was the first browser that try to open a sure future for the internet, and also this get easier the way to search things, because with this we avoid many things like go to the library and do many things in a easier way.