Crozet EDEP

October Newsletter

Hello EDEP Parents,

I hope you are having a great week! As fall settles in, the days get shorter, and the temperatures continue to drop, please make sure your child has a warm jacket for Afterschool! We will continue to take advantage of the sunny afternoon days as much as we can, but it can get pretty chilly out there!

We recently finished our first STEM based unit called, "The Art of Flight." Your children incorporated all four components of STEM (science, technology, engineering, & math) in order to make origami hang gliders, paper helicopters, rocket balloons, learning to form a hypothesis, and graphing results. We also talked a lot about what gravity is, how it effects flight, and why, or why not, it is important.

The kids especially had a good time with our Bungee Barbie activity! The goal was to estimate how many rubber bands it would take for Barbie to have a "safe" bungee jump from five feet! After everyone got to see how many rubber bands it would take, we moved up to ten feet, then twenty feet. Your kids found that instead of just guessing, they could use multiplication and addition to make an accurate estimate of how many rubber bands it would take for a height of ten and twenty feet.

Next week, we will be making Mummy Hot Dogs to get ready for Halloween! Below is a picture of our creepy treat!

Origami Hang Glider

Click the link below to learn for our activity on flying an Origami Hang Glider. The kids loved this one too!