Think Before You Share

Keeleigh Wagner

Living through your Phone

Let's face it, being online is pretty awesome and fun, seeing what everyone did over the weekend, or who's gonna fight who. Or when you "like" someone, you wanna know everything about them. Checking all their social media sights and hope they notice you. What if that happened to you, only you don't go to school with this person, or have never even met them?

Wrong Post

Maybe that kid you liked, is talking to you! Awesome you feel like it took you a lot for them to notice you. It only took you four pictures of you in your bathing suit on Instagram for them to talk to you! You suddenly realize that, my sister is on this sight, and then could show my parents. Here's a suggestion, if you wouldn't want your Mom, or sweet, little Granny to see it, you probably shouldn't post it. You press delete and feel relieved that no one else can see it anymore. Hello! This is the internet and nothing just disappears. Those pictures will be on there forever.

Buying Online

Shopping online is so cool, you can buy things internationally and get some items you can't find in the stores. The only bad thing is people aren't very honest and kind out there and will try to scam you and take all of your money. Some tips are using a secure cite that you can trust and has great reviews and refunds. Using another secure credit cite (paypal, etc,) is a great way to still shop online and be safe.