By Caroline Coopersmith

Organic Compounds and Characteristics of Life?

Organic compounds and characteristics of life? From the sound it it doesn't seem that there's a lot that those two things share in common, but the truth is they have a lot in common. They're like PB&J. Okay, maybe not that close, but you get the idea. As a brief review here is a list of the six characteristics, and the organic compounds:Six Characteristics: All living things are made of cells, homeostasis, heredity, evolution, interdepence, and energy.Organic Compounds: Lipids, Nucleic Acid, Carbohydrates, and Protein. Lipids are fats. Fats store energy which you need. Carbohydrates also give you energy, and many runner eat a ton of carbohydrates before a marathon. Nucleic acid is in DNA and RNA. DNA is in cells. Heredity is reproduction. When a parent reproduces, it passes on its DNA to its off spring. With sexual reproduction, the off spring shares the DNA of its parents. With asexual reproduction, the off spring look identical to its parent, because of DNA.Protein is good for you. It helps you body grow and develop, which basically means your body is evolving. Also, you need protein for a healthy diet, which helps homeostasis.Interdependence means that you have to depend on someone or something else for either food, water, shelter, or some other necesity. For energy you depend on carbohydrates and lipids.