The Stallion Express

Tinian Jr. Sr. High School

5/4/2016 Edition 17, Volume 9



Roger Thompson, in his 40s, is the teacher at Tinian Jr. Sr. High Schoool, currently still teaches Leadership to the young students of this generation.

Roger Thompson loves it here on the island of Tinian, he has been here for 24 years and still counting. His favorite about Tinian is that he gets to have a good job in the school of Tinian, where he teachers the students many interesting things there is to learn about Leadership. He claims that teaching the students is his favorite part about his work.

Sgt. Thompson wasn't a residence here on tinian, he was born here. He was born in Chicago and attended school in Chicago, Illinois. Sgt. Thompson didn't have much opportunities when he was schooling, yet the only choice he had gotten was he wanted to join the Army and he did; he served in the Army for 20 years of his life, traveling all around getting the chance to see new places. When asked on his feelings of the place he would want to go in the world he chose Bangkok.

"I think that Roger Thompson is the best teacher anyone could ask for, he is a kind and generous man. He loves to make young students life and make sure they aren't feeling down and that's what i love about him."

Sgt. Thompson has lived a long life and still continue to do. He wishes that if he could rewind or fast forward to a moment he could recreate he said "BACK TO THE FUTURE" Roger Thompson has survived many accomplishments in his life and still do.