also known as Li

Physical and Chemical Properties

Lithium is a solid and varies in its shape and structure. Sometimes it's a crystal and has dark shade of grey. Sometimes its a rock and has a very light shade grey. Even thought it's a metal Lithium is still very soft.Lithium is an alkali metal, it has the same chemical properties as Potassium and Sodium. Lithium floats when placed in water and is highly reactive with water. It reacts slowly with water at room temperature, but reacts more rapidly at higher temperatures. When it reacts with other acids it forms Hydrogen gas.


Lithium is in group 1 with the other alkali metals, period 2, one valance electron, and is highly reactive since its outer shell is nearly full. Since its in group 1 it shares many properties with the other alkali metals. It has a very low boiling point and a low melting point. And since they are very soft they can easily be caught with a kitchen knife. Finally, since its in period 2, it has two rings.

Atomic Structure

Formula that involves Lithium

Dilithium Selenide Li2Se
Lithium, the element that keeps your energy going.