By: Gordan Korman


The first thing that comes to mind when someone says ¨Donovan Curtis¨, is troublemaker, mischievous, and all around ungifted. Will Donovan prove to everyone else that he is somewhat gifted.

Book reviews by: Shane O

Overall, I think this book was pretty good. Although it had a slow start and it was kind of boring, once you got farther in it was really interesting. There was a lot of surprise to the book so you never knew what was coming. I also liked how Donovan changed a lot throughout the book. I would give this book a 4 star rating because it was a good book but it had a slow start but had a great finish! 5/5-Common Sense Media 4.⅗-Barnes and Nobes

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About the Author by: Ashley M

Gordon Korman was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He wrote his first book This Can't Be Happening at Macdonald Hall when he was twelve years old. Gordon Korman has written more than 85 books which have sold more than 17 million copies. His writing career has lasted for three decades. He received a BA from New York University in 1985. His degree was in Dramatic and Visual Writing with a minor in Motion Picture and Television. Korman is the New York Times number one bestselling author of more than 75 books for children and young adults. His books have been translated into 14 languages. Nowadays, he is a full time writer, with more than 17 million copies of his novels in print. Some awards that he has won are the Ontario Youth Award, International Year of the Youth Committee of the children's literature and Children's Choice awards. Some other books that Korman has written include, Schooled, Slacker, Pop, Jake Reinvented, and The Juvie Three.

Summary Zack G.

In the book Ungifted, Donovan Curtis is the main character he is a misunderstood trouble maker he gets in trouble all the time with the superintendent, Dr.Schultz. He has his two best friends the Daniels and they are the ones who egg him on and tell him to do these things that will get him in trouble. Donovan messes up and breaks a statue with a stick. He then gets sent by accident to the Academy of Scholastic Distinction where he meets new friends such as, Noah, Abigail, Chloe and many others. He is good at driving their class robot, Tin Man, and he gets picked as the driver during the competition between other gifted schools that have their own robots. While test driving, Schultz finds out about where Donovan is at and he takes him back to the middle school. Abigail gets put back as the driver and before the competition starts Donovan gets taken by the Daniels to his sister Katie’s car then they drive off the competition where they start losing and the other team is cheating so Donovan runs in and takes the controller and hits the other team's robot, disqualifying their team and the other team. Katie has a baby and names her Tina. They all take turns holding her. About a week later Beatrice has her babies and Chloe keeps one, Katie and Donovan keep another, and the others go to a nice home where they are taken care of.

Book Cover Analyisis by: Allison K.

There are many different reasons why the author could have chosen this book cover. One analysis that I have for why the author chose this book cover is because Donovan, the main character, was on the robotics team at his new school The Academy of Scholastic Distinction. The cover could represent how he worked with robots on the robotics team and that’s why there is a robot on the cover. It could have also been because Donovan thought he was ungifted. The robot has a sign on his back, like how bullies put ‘kick me’ signs on other people’s backs. This sign says Ungifted, which can represent how Donovan thinks he’s Ungifted. I also think that the robot is turned around because it could represent how when Donovan first came to that school everyone thought he was less intelligent than them. He is turning his head because he is realizing that the kids are realizing that he is really not supposed to be in their school. Donovan wanted to fit in but he thought he just wasn’t smart enough to be with the other kids at the academy. Lastly, I think it could be Donovan’s team’s robot, Tin man because they really cared about their robot and helping with the robotics team was one of the only things Donovan was good at doing in the academy.

There are also many different reasons why the author chose the title Ungifted. One analysis that I had was that because Donovan always thought that he was Ungifted. All of the other kids there was always called gifted except for Donovan because he really wasn’t meant to go to The Academy of Scholastic Distinction. Donovan didn’t think that he fit in at the academy with the other kids therefore he was Ungifted instead of gifted like the other kids.

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Cast of Characters by: Callie F

Main Character 1: Donovan Curtis; Donovan Curtis is the protagonist in the book Ungifted. Donovan is considered the biggest troublemaker at his school, Hardcastle Middle School, and is described mostly in one word; Ungifted. Until he accidentally gets transferred to the Academy of Scholastic Distinction, a school for ‘gifted and talented’ students’. Even though Donovan is considered “Ungifted”, he changes the way every student at the Academy (a bunch of kids who are just drowning in seas of knowledge) looks at things.

Main Character 2: Chloe Garfinkle; Chloe Garfinkle is a 13 year old student at the Academy of Scholastic Distinction. She’s very smart for her age, but has never known what it’s like to be a normal kid. Until Donovan Curtis shows up at the Academy. While everyone is reluctant about letting Donovan stay, Chloe, however is more than excited about Donovan being at the Academy for one reason: He’s just a normal kid, something that the Academy needed.

Main Character 3: Mr. Schultz; Mr. Schultz is the Head Director of Donovan Curtis’s school district, and has one rule for himself; no screwups. But when he accidentally sends the ungifted Donovan Curtis to a gifted and talented school without knowing it, after Donovan caused horrible damage to Hardcastle Middle School, he’s absolutely furious. He’s absolutely focused on trying to find Donovan, no matter how much it takes. When he does find Donovan, he’s still furious.