ECSD Elementary Visual Arts News

A Note From Dr. Sandra Durr

We welcome you to our very first edition of ART MATTERS. Our art educators are excited to share some of the exciting happenings in their classroom and the art world around us. A special thanks goes to Angela Funderburk, editor of ART MATTERS and visual arts teacher at Brentwood Elementary School, for spearheading this effort to promote the love and education of visual arts in our schools. If you have an article you would like to contribute that will help us in our mission, please send it to A. Funderburk at


Patti Wheeler, art educator at N. B. Cook Elementary

The entire 600+ student population of N. B. Cook Elementary will begin working on creating pottery tiles (one per student) to be permanently installed onto a very sad, empty cinderblock wall in our school cafeteria! This collaborative art installation will not only showcase the artistic creativity of each student K ~ 5th grade, but will foster pride in our campus & in the aesthetics of our surroundings.
Students will collaborate in deciding & working on a theme for the glazed pottery tile wall installation. Stay tuned for more photos in the future, as well as the final completed wall installation!

An empty drywall area directly above this cinderblock wall will also receive a makeover into a revolving monthly display of student & local artist works! More photos to come!

Denise Quirk, McArthur Elementary Art Educator and Professional Practicing Artist

Next time you are downtown at Gallery Night chances are you will find Denise Quirk demonstrating her art techniques. She is a great example of an art teacher who is also a practicing artist.

Lipscomb Elementary Art

Sally Miller and Barb Smith, Art Educators.

Lipscomb is off to a creative start this year. Students are excited to nurture their creativity in art while finding their own solutions in their creations. Our curriculum stresses the new Common Core Standards where children explore artists, cultures, and periods of art history while making it relevant in the real world. We plan to have our children be critical thinkers and inventors throughout their life. It all starts now.

Pensacola State Fair Elementary Art Reception

Tuesday, Oct. 8th 2013 at 5-6:30pm

6655 Mobile Highway

Pensacola, FL

Come support your school art program and meet the parents of the students who will have work exhibited for the duration of the Pensacola Interstate Fair. The exhibit will be housed in building number two.