August 15th – Día de Deportes/Sports Day

August 18th – Picnic y Juegos de Agua en Central Park/Picnic and Water Games in Central Park

August 21st – Fiesta Hawaiiana/Hawaiian Luau

August 22nd – Ultimo día de Verano/Last Day of Summer Program

September 4th – First Day of the 2014-15 Program

September 9th – Election Day – HOLA CLOSED


Dear Parents,

We can’t believe that our summer is already coming to end. Throughout the month of July, the children spent much of their time pretending they were animals of the jungle and of the sea, with much of their dramatic play based around the beach theme. It was so much fun to hear all of the amazing stories that the children had planned and where they were headed for their next adventure. We listened to bilingual play with children teaching each other new vocabulary in both English and Spanish. All of our friends have been so great about recognizing and praising their friends when they learn a new word in Spanish. These are the most exciting moments of our day!

We have made so many new friends over the last few weeks and we are not ready to say goodbye! We hope that if your family is leaving that you will come back and visit us next summer. For those families that will continue with us into September, we are already gearing up for an amazing school year!

Teachers would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to all of the parents who have made our first summer at HOLA NYC so special. Whether you were here for two

weeks or two days this summer, you have made a significant impact on our new and growing school. We appreciate the relationships that we have formed with each and every family and look forward to maintaining these relationships in the future.

Con much cariño,

-Guía Marcia, Guía Stormy, Jimmy, Lala and Vanessa


Sebastián - August 3rd

Adriana - August 18th

Melody - August 18th

Día de Deportes/Sports Day

On Friday, August 15th, we invite each of our friends to dress up in their favorite sports attire. Choose a favorite jersey, sports team or even sports uniform! We will parade down 86th on our way to soccer and show off our gear!

Día de Picnic en Central Park

On Monday, August 18th, we will be taking an all-morning trip to the playground on W. 85th St. and Central Park West, Mariners Playground for water play, playground time and a picnic style lunch. Parents should send lunches with food that does not need to be heated. Sack lunches that can be disposed of after our picnic are preferred. Any parents that would like to volunteer to chaperone this fun-filled morning would be greatly appreciated! We will have lots of ways for you to contribute to this special day! If you would like to volunteer, please contact Guïa Stormy.

Fiesta Hawaiiana/Hawaiian Luau

To wrap up our summer program, we will be throwing a Hawaiian style Luau Fiesta in the patio on Thursday, August 21st. Dress up in your best Hawaiian/beach attire and prepare for fun activities like hula hooping, giant bubble blowing, water activities and more. Each family is invited to bring in a small snack to share in our mini-potluck. A sign-up sheet will be posted in the classroom at the beginning of our last week, ¡Fiesta, Fiesta!


For the remaining summer fieldtrips, we ask that parents please send appropriate footwear for our long walking trips. Flip flops and sandals tend to slip off and are not safe for running and climbing during playground play. Please send your child in shoes that completely encase the foot (tennis shoes, slip-ons, crocs, sandals with Velcro, etc.). Tennis shoes should also be worn on Fridays for super soccer stars.


The last day of the 2014 summer program is Friday, August 22nd. HOLA NYC will be closed from August 25th until September 3rd. HOLA NYC will reopen on Thursday, September 4th to kickoff the new school year. As the Church of St. P&A is a voting site, HOLA will be closed on Tuesday, September 9th for election day.

A note from the Director

Dear families,

As an early education program created by parents with our children in mind, HOLA NYC will continue to take a lot of corazón to keep on growing. HOLA NYC is an extension of our families and we hope our children and your children continue to finish each school-day feeling nurtured.

In this gigantic city, words like appreciation, gratefulness and hope are often forgotten. With that in mind, I wanted to let every single one of you know that we appreciate all your feedback, we are grateful for your support and we hope to see you again after the summer ends.

We will miss the children and families that are moving on. For those of you that are staying for the upcoming academic year, please know that we will continue to find joy in our classroom. We enjoy spending time with every single one of our students.

We love what we are creating and we thank you for being such an important part of our story.

Con mucho cariño,

Maria Herminia