La Chateau De Loch

History and Information


The Castle was constructed approximately 1257. During Scottland's War of Independence the English attempted to flood the castle by building a dam across the outflow of the loch. It is one of the oldest tower houses in Scotland which still substantially survives. Queen Mary, once held capive in the castle, is said to haunt the castle,
loch leven castle

Story of Mary

Mary was taken here after her defeat at Carberry Hill. A few weeks later she suffered a miscarriage, losing twins. Mary spent her days walking the courtyard, doing embroidery and praying in her rooms. Lord Ruthven and Lord Lindsey brought an ultimatum - abdicate the throne or die. They threatened to cut her throat if she refused to sign a Deed of Abdication. Mary signed. Her baby son would become king - with Mary’s half brother, the Earl of Moray, acting as regent. Willie Douglas, in love with Mary, one night arrived at the island. Capturing Mary and taking her off the island. Once off th e island she tryied to gather an army but soon got captured again.
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