What is cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is the act of using technology with the goal of hurting a group or someone socially and/or physically.

How can we prevent it

We can prevent cyberbullying by talking to someone we trust, not responding to the bully, collecting the evidence, reporting the abuse and blocking the bully from all social networks.

Who is at risk

Nearly all kids will experience bullying in some shape or form. 52% of young people report being cyber bullied. 25% of teenagers have experienced repeated bullying via their cellphone or on the internet.

Why is it an issue

Bullying is a big issue because it can cause huge depressions that lead to big problems. Also bullying is an issue because kids may stay home because of it and miss out on their education and/or sport.

What support is out there

Most schools have policies to address cyberbullying. There are many websites that you can access when you are getting bullied like and you can ring CyberBullyHotline 1-800-420-1479


If you see someone being bullied don't join in, don't share any media posts and tell someone. Support the person being bullied and try to stop the bully.