What is Breath of Bliss

Connect to your reservoir of ecstasy, experience tingling aliveness, waves of euphoria, surrender & connection! Generate forgiveness, uplevel your vibration and experience yourself as DIVINE LOVE! Breath of Bliss takes you to beyond victimhood, trauma and drama and towards the Bliss Matrix~ a unified field of love consciousness available at all time.

This ceremony invites you into oneness with...

movement, deep sharing, conscious loving exercise, sound healing, an hour of circular connected breathing

Gain clarity, boost creativity, release stress, amplify intuition, realise your wholeness, connect to the spirit, activate your highest vibration to love

Our theme: Coming back to your true Essence

Thursday, July 25th 2013 at 7-9pm

Yoga Society of San Francisco, 2872 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA Brahmananda Ashram


Andrea is devoted in creating offerings which helps to soften the illusion of separation and make it safe to love more. She guides people to help feel all their emotions and connect to the divine. She helps people to remember their greatness and cultivate the power that is always within them.

She's a graduate of Breath of Bliss Facilitator Training, a devoted Yoga practitioner and Certified Yoga instructor. She is also a Certified Ayurveda Massage Therapist. She recently finished her Certification in Gourmet Raw Food Chef and Holistic Training. A Degree holder of BA in Hotel and Hospitality Management. She's currently finishing her Masters Degree in MSc in Naturophaty and Yogic Science.

She believes in order to radiate love to others one must first learn to love themselves and be friends with all their feelings. She bowes to the essence of Bhakti Yoga as the same essence of Breath of Bliss. She loves to be off service to man kind and for those who are willing to open themselves to love and to the discovery of their own true self.

Event information

What to bring:

Your beautiful self, yoga mats, comfortable clothing, eye mask(optional) your favourite sarong( for your comfort), water ( you will need this as one tend to be thirsty after breathing for one hour), your favourite mala beads or accessories- that mean something to you ( this is optional: only if you want to take them with you through your journey)

Kindly arrived 15 minutes before.


US $30

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