Things We Have Learned

What we have learned in Ela 1 and Ela 2


We have learned things this year. One thing we are really focusing on is reading stragites. My favorite reading stragites is evaluation because you get to make an opinion on how the book or story was. Guess what? We are going to learn even more! All the reading stragites are Predicting, visualization, questioning, connecting, identify, infer, and evaluation. For questioning we read "Mugged by a Martian" and we had to question what was next.

My Reflection

A reflection that I have is that when we did evaluation we learned OREO. OREO is what you need to make an evaluation. I think I need to work on inference have because I am ok at it but I need to improve. I think 6th grade will be pretty easy this year. My favorite part of 6th grade this year is probably gym because we get to run and play football.

Pictures I have taken of what we have been Doing