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December 2021

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Parent Communication Day

Thursday’s are our Parent Communication Days so we ask that you please check all student backpacks every Thursday after school. Thank you!

Parents please make sure that your child is bringing a refillable water bottle to school every day. We are not using the water drinking fountains instead students are using our water bottle refillable stations to refill their bottles. Thank you.


If you would like to receive notifications when your student enters or exits the bus using their RFID enabled ID card, please login or create an account at Zpass+

Home Access Center Instructions

Press the link to login to your account in the Home Access Center

Home Access Center login

Please follow the link

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Holiday Party Preregistration Form

Press the link to view the form

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Nature Trails T-shirts

Orders must be placed by Thursday, December 9, 2021.

Transportation changes

*All transportation changes must be made in writing*

Please send a written note to school with the transportation change, student’s full name, teacher’s name, a parent signature and phone number where you can be reached.

In the case of an emergency: parents may fax the school at 281-463-5529 before 3:00 p.m.

Please note: E-mail or phone changes will not be accepted.

Please remember students are only allowed to ride their assigned bus to and from their assigned bus stop.
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Message from the Nurse

Parents, please keep your child home if they are not feeling well. This is very important for everyone's safety.

Parents must screen students daily (prior to entering a school bus or school) for the following signs and symptoms of COVID-19:

1.Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms in a way that is not normal to you?

• Feeling feverish or a measured temperature greater than or equal to 100.00 F

• Loss of taste or smell

• Cough

• Difficulty breathing

• Shortness of breath

• Fatigue

• Headache

• Chills

• Sore throat

• Congestion or runny nose

• Shaking or exaggerated shivering

• Significant muscle pain or ache

• Diarrhea

• Nausea or vomiting

2. Have you had known close contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19

within the last 14 days?

**Students must stay home if they answer “yes” to any of the above.

· Students at school who show symptoms of COVID-19 at school will be evaluated by the nurse. The nurse will determine whether that child can remain at school.

· Before a student may return to school, established criteria must be met as stated in the “Students Return to School Protocol”. For CFISD safety protocols and options, please read the LEAD safety plan/LEAD safety 2021-2022.


Student must login with their school account

Schoolcafe - Cafeteria

  • SchoolCafé is a safe and secure way for parents to make online payments to their children’s cafeteria accounts.
  • School Café also allows parents, students and staff to view and interact with school cafeteria menus, view nutritional analysis, ingredient and allergen information.
  • Free/Reduced Price meal applications can also be accessed and completed on School Café.
  • Visit or the SchoolCafe app to apply.
  • Call 281-897-4550 or visit the Food Production Center at 11355 Perry Road with questions and for assistance.
  • Paper applications are available upon request

Free and reduced lunch form - Create an account

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Counselor Corner


“We all have different inspirations, but one goal: a better world.” -- Ernesto Arguello

Citizenship and service education will help develop “soft skills” that future employers look for when hiring employees, such as integrity, teamwork, and communication. Teaching citizenship to our children will help to create informed citizens who take responsibility for their actions and contribute positively to their communities with generosity and through SERVICE. During the month of December, we will discuss the importance of SERVICE and generosity.


  • works to help the community – either with others or by themselves
  • obeys rules and laws
  • respects other people’s cultures
  • conserves natural resources
  • is concerned about the welfare of others


Model good citizenship to your child by voting, attending school board meetings, or visiting historical monuments. Discuss with your child how each of these things contributes to being a good citizen.


Work together to think of people in your family or community who you can give a small gift to. This can be a handmade craft, baked goods, something from the dollar store, etc. As a family, make/buy the gifts and deliver them to special people in your life.


Become active in your community. Encourage your child to participate in community service projects both within and outside of school, such as recycling, playground cleanup, or cleaning kennels at an animal shelter. These opportunities become even more meaningful when you as a parent volunteer with your child and discuss the importance of contributing to your community in a positive way.


Here are some discussion points to help you talk about service and generosity with your child:

  • What do you think service and generosity mean and why are they important?
  • Tell me about a time someone was generous to you. How did it make you feel?
  • Is providing a service (or being generous) something that is hard for you or easy? Tell me why you chose that answer?
  • What would the world be like if everyone were more generous about providing services for their communities?

Contact Information:

Ms. Ramsey & Mrs. Brown

Holmsley Elementary School

Phone: 281-463-5885


Please contact us by phone, email, or by appointment. We are so glad our Huskies are here!

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Follow the link and create an account

Sign the parent ackowledgement form for the Chromebook 2021-2022

By signing, the parent is indicating that they agree to let their student have a CFISD chromebook for the 2021-2022 school year and that they will return any items if they leave or graduate from CFISD. There is no fee associated with signing the form and it must be completed in order fro a student to receive a CFISD Chromebook.

To access SchoolCash, visit our school website and click on the SchoolCash link.

  1. Register by selecting the "Get started today" link and fill in the required fields to create your profile or sign into an existing account
  2. After you receive the confirmation email, click the school cash link and add each of your children to your household account.
  3. Click each child's name and view items in the student account.
  4. Check out like you are making a purchase (3 page process).
  5. View receipt

If you need assistance please call 1-866-961-1803 or
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Join a teacher's schoology class to show parents how to navigate the online classroom

Message from the Registrar

Reminder to parents.

If you student is sent home from the nurse and it advised they cannot return the following day. This is considered still an absence and you must send a note excusing the absence.

****School starts at 8:40am, your student is considered late if they are not in the building by 8:40am. You must escort your student to the front office..***

Absent notes that are sent to the attendance office must have a copy of the parents ID attached. Please do not email teachers absences notes.

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Watch Dogs

Are you interested in being a part of our campus Watch D.O.G.S program? This is your chance!

Watch D.O.G.S. are fathers, grandfathers, uncles and other father figures who volunteer at least once each year at their child’s school. They change the culture of the school by giving students an opportunity to connect and interact with father-figures in a positive way at school. Your day on campus will consist of different activities including lunch duty, hallway monitoring and spending time in classes.

This year we are only welcoming one volunteer a day.

● To join our program, complete the attached registration form.

● Call or email to indicate which dates you would like to come and serve. Mrs.Valderrama will reach out to you with confirmation of your assigned date

281-463-5885- Ask to speak to Grace Valderrama

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