Woodbury Weekly Update

Week of August 29, 2022

This Week's Updates

CURRICULUM NIGHT: Thank you to all who joined us for our curriculum night! We would like to review other options for running this evening in the future. We'd love to hear your suggestions! Please leave your feedback by completing the survey.

UPCOMING MEETING: Please join us for our PPA meeting on Thursday, September 1st in our staff lounge.

ARRIVAL & SAFETY: Please do not drop off your student on the playground before 7:45am. We are unable to provide supervision until this time. Thank you for helping us keep your child safe.

IMPORTANT- Changes in Transportation: Many of our individual students take different modes of transportation home from day to day during the week. Please help our staff by communicating changes in transportation by calling or emailing the office BEFORE 2:15pm each day. This allows us enough time to notify the teacher and other support staff who are in place to get our students going in the right direction safely each day. It is helpful to email BOTH the office staff and teacher. Our teachers don't always get a chance to check their email or messages during the school day. When changes happen last minute this causes us to hold up busses in order to account for all of our students. Thank you so much for your help!

LUNCH TIME: Lunch can be tricky for our littlest learners. To the best of your ability, please avoid sending food items that your child cannot open independently. This will help us run our lunch times more efficiently.

HEALTHY SCHOOL INITIATIVE: Please avoid sending snacks and lunches that contain candy or soda. In the case that your child brings soda or other caffeinated drinks we will ask them to return it to their lunch bag and substitute with their water bottle. Thank you!

COMMUNITY RESOURCES: Are you seeking outside resources to support your child or family? Please check out our Sandwich Community Resources Brochure.


These students were recognized this week for demonstrating the WOODBURY WAY of being SAFE, KIND, & RESPONSIBLE members of our school community! We have been practicing demonstrating respect for our learning environment by walking in the hallways quietly, listening and following directions and being a positive role model for others. Way to go!


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Raelynn VanBarriger, Fisnik Sejdiu, Ariella Kubisak, Savannah Buschman, Charlotte Hartman, Ryker Tvrdik, Gabby Corral, Silas Schroeder, Hudson Bolstad, (Not pictured) Mason Berenyi,

Brady Gomez, T.J. Sutcliff

First Grade

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Miles Green, Tessa Lueck, Amelia Kaufman, Brock Stone, Josie Ekle, Kadan Felix, Ayden Anderson, Audrianna Villa,

Second Grade

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Jordan Brown, Parker Coleman, Karen Kinser, Cooper Buschman, Ava Lyons, Karen Koenigsman, Catherine Kell, Not pictured: Maya Gomez

Third Grade

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Ella Vandevelde, Grace Mantei, Parker Holt, Kane Conklin, Jeremiah Elder, Barrett Slusher, David Kell, Not pictured: Liam Blackmore


Have you wondered who you should call if you have a school or student related question? We want to ensure you always feel heard and can access our staff to answer any questions you might have. Here are some helpful tips in order to support you in knowing who to contact.

School Office: Questions about registration, records, paperwork, attendance or reporting an absence, homework requests, dates and times of activities/events, changes in transportation and other general questions can all be answered by calling our main office and speaking with our secretaries, Mrs. Schroeder or Mrs. Hulon. This is the quickest way to get a hold of our office. The office is open from 7:00-3:20. Please leave a voicemail if your call is not answered as the voicemail is checked regularly.

Classroom Teacher: This is the first person to contact with any questions about your child, whether it be academic, social emotional/behavioral, any school related incidents that took place during the school day, questions about homework, advice on supporting your student's growth and progress and anything else related to your child that you feel the teacher needs to know. We are your partners and we are here to support one another. We love hearing about your celebrations and good news as well! Please note that if you have a question about

your child's IEP or a special class such as music or PE, those staff members can also be contacted directly. This includes our social worker and other related services as well as our reading teachers.

Principal: Mrs. Kern always aims to be available and accessible to families as much as possible. If you have struggled to have questions answered after first going through the classroom teacher or office, have sensitive information or more that needs to be communicated, need advice or help solving an unresolved issue, or more, please know that you can contact her by phone or via email. Just like the teachers, she also loves hearing your

great news and celebrations!

School Nurse: Questions or information about anything health related, physicals and immunizations, medications or treatments, health care plans, and more.

Our goal is always to respond to inquiries within 24 hours or the next business day. Sometimes staff are out of the building or in meetings and there may be a delay. It's important to note that we aim to serve as a support to our families to the very best of our ability, but healthy boundaries mean that when staff is home on weekends with their families or out ill that they may will be unable to return your call or email until they return.

Helpful Tips on Socialization

Small humans under construction! For many of our students this is their first school experience or their time in school has been interrupted. For that reason, we are focused on teaching our students problem solving and conflict resolution skills and strategies for managing emotions. Teaching social skills is very much like learning an academic skill. It takes time, practice, and patience. Sometimes our students have issues on the playground or in the classroom. Please allow us the grace and space to teach and reinforce these behaviors. You can help by talking to your child about expected and unexpected behaviors, model showing empathy and taking ownership over mistakes and talking about ways to show kindness.
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Upcoming Dates to Remember

8/29: Fall Fastbridge Benchmarking Begins

8/30: Drill Safety Presentations with Officer Bright, Practice Intruder Drill

9/1: First PPA meeting of the year


9/9: Non-attendance Day, NO SCHOOL

9/16: 11:10 Early Dismissal

9/20: Bus Evacuation Drill

9/20: School Board Meeting

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District Updates

Free & Reduced Lunch

Dear Sandwich School District 430 Parents and Guardians,

The federal program that has allowed school districts across the country to offer free breakfast and lunch to all students regardless of income expired on June 30, 2022. Since 2020, this program has eliminated the need to collect payments for school meals for any student. At this time, the federal government has not extended the waivers for this school year to allow free meals for all students.

As a result, schools across the nation have reverted back to free and reduced-price meals based on income eligibility guidelines set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. During the 2022-2023 school year, families who do not qualify for free or reduced lunch will have to pay for school meals and registration fees. Students whose families are eligible for free or reduced-price lunch will be able to access meals next school year at no cost or a discounted rate. Families who qualify will have registration fees waived or applied at a discounted rate.

In order to review the requirements to qualify and to apply, please use the following link:


Only one application needs to be completed per household. If you recently received notification that you have already been approved for free or reduced meals for the 2022-2023 school year you do not need to complete an application.

Lunch Prices for 2022-2023

K-5 Schools $3.10

Sandwich Middle School $3.20

Sandwich High School $3.20

If you have any questions, please reach out to Jody Kruswicki, Administrative Assistant, 815-786-2187 or jkruswicki@sandwich430.org

Thank You,

Tom Sodaro

Superintendent Sandwich CUSD 430

720 S. Wells St. Sandwich, IL. 60548