Abraham Lincoln

By: Jackson Nimtz

Who is he

Abraham Lincoln was America's 16th president, in the year of 1861. Issuing the Emancipation proclamation of those who are slaves will be free with the confederacy in 1863. They say that he was a very tall man who wore a big tall hat everyday, and that he also gave out really brilliant speeches

When was he born

Ab was born February 12, 1809, in Kentucky. His parents were both born in Virginia, with distinguished families, or in other words second family. When Ab was the age of 10, his mom past away. And in his 8th year, his father moved to Indiana, and left me here with my mom and other siblings. So it was hard to live in a house just being a kid, caring for hi self, watching out for wild animals coming to there house, but he had some education in him. He could read, write, and cipher.