Introducing the CYD Collective

Community Youth Development's own UA club!

The Collective's goals:

The CYD Collective is for Nazareth students interested in learning more about the Community Youth Development program here at Nazareth and who are looking to engage in fun with a purpose activities. The club's service focus will be on advocating for and improving the quality of life for youth workers in Rochester.

Keep an eye out for emails from us

Here's a list of things we are planning to do next year

  • Youth worker retreats
  • CYD career info sessions
  • Guest Speakers in the field of CYD
  • Fun with a purpose events to build a community of students interested in CYD
  • And much more...

The Community Youth Develoment Program

CYD is an interdisciplinary program focusing on the premises (beliefs), principles (conceptualizations and theories) and practices of youth development.
Intro to CYD