September 3rd:

  • First Day of School

September 5th:

  • Back to School Night - Grades 1 & 2

September 6th:

  • Welcome Back Picnic (See below for more information)

September 9th:

  • Back to School Night - Grades 3 & 4

September 12th:

  • CB South Back to School Night

September 16th:

  • Picture Day

September 18th:

  • Back to School Night - Grades 5 & 6

September 19th:

  • Grades K-2nd Author Visit
  • Tamanend Back to School Night - Grade 7

September 26th:

  • Tamanend Back to School Night - Grades 8 & 9

September 27th:

  • Kindergarten Cartoon Night

September 30th:

  • Rosh Hashanah - School Holiday

Back to School Nights

All dates for Back to School Nights are listed in the Upcoming Events section. This year, all Back to School Nights will begin in the Dining Room with a short presentation from Mrs. Pustay followed by teacher presentations in your child(ren)'s classroom. We look forward to seeing everyone at your respective Back to School Night beginning at 7pm.


Titus will expect all potential volunteers to complete their paperwork for clearances prior to assuming any volunteer/chaperone role within the school. This will ensure we are in line with district and state expectations.

Who Needs Clearances: An individual who is responsible for the child's welfare or has direct contact with children. Pennsylvania law requires all persons having direct contact with school children to obtain background checks and clearances. In the best interest of the safety and security of our students, Central Bucks School District required the submission of these clearances prior to volunteering during the school year. Approved volunteers are given an identification card to be presented at the school (along with your photo ID, such as a driver's license) when volunteering. Please allow 7-10 days after you have submitted your online application for receipt of the ID card.

Additional information and steps on how to complete your clearances can be found on our district website by clicking here.


Each year, the Central Bucks School District asks our families to complete the Online Student Emergency Form. This form ensures that student information is accurate. This year, we are asking that you complete your family's form online by September 14, 2019.

The online form will ask you to confirm and/or update the following information:

  • Demographic Information
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Health Information, including permission for emergency care and analgesic administration
  • Media Release Preferences

Click here to be directed to your Parent Portal account to complete the Online Student Emergency Form. You can also click the document below (How to OLR form) for step by step directions. Thank you for taking the time to update this very important information.


School will begin after Labor Day on Tuesday, September 3rd. We will remain an "A" or early school, and our hours are 8:35 AM to 3:15 PM. The morning kindergarten session hours are 8:35 AM to 11:10 AM. The afternoon kindergarten session will run from 12:40 PM to 3:15PM.


Please be aware that the school day begins at 8:35 AM in your child(ren)'s classroom(s). If you are a car rider in the morning, it is recommended that children are dropped off no later than 8:30 AM in order to get to their classrooms for the start of the school day at 8:35 AM. If a student arrives in their classroom beyond 8:35 AM, they are considered tardy. Parents will need to come into the building to sign their child in if they arrive after 8:35 AM.

The adults supervising the car-rider drop-off line will be on duty until 8:32 AM. Students dropped off after 8:32 AM will more than likely not be able to make it to their classrooms on time for the start of the school day at 8:35 AM. Also, for safety reasons, students arriving to school prior to 8:15 AM, need to be supervised by their parent/caregiver. We ask that all students wait with their family member in the drop off line until 8:15 AM.


Bus information for students in grades K-12 is available through the Transportation Tab in the Parent Portal.

In the interest of establishing an orderly dismissal system, we proceed through dismissal more slowly than usual during the first week of school. Please do not be alarmed if your child(ren)'s bus is not at their bus stop at the stated time during this first week of school.


Walkers coming from Oakfield, Chatfield and streets to our south will cross at the crosswalk and enter through the bus loop entrance. Note this change as our walkers will not enter through the main entrance doors. These doors will remain locked at all times. Walkers and bicyclists from north and west of the school will cross Barness at the end of the bicycle path at the crosswalk and will proceed on the school side of Lower Barness, entering the school through the cafeteria entrance. The sidewalk comes straight back to the cafeteria entrance so that students can remain removed from the bus loop entirely. Bicycle racks are available adjacent to that entrance. All bicyclists must wear safety helmets.

At the end of the day, walkers and bicyclists will be dismissed first so that they can exit the building in advance of bus and vehicular traffic. Walkers will initial a sign out sheet in their classroom prior to exiting from their classroom. To ensure that classroom teachers have a complete list, we ask that you advise your teacher now if your child is going to be a walker at any time during the year so that their name will be included on the list.


As many of you are aware, the Titus parking lot was redone this summer in order to provide a safer and less congested way to drop off and pick up your children in the morning and afternoon. Beginning on the first day of school, September 3rd, parents are asked to enter the Titus parking lot and stay to the right, proceeding to the back of the parking lot near the playground and following the yellow lines around to the Titus staff member who will help your child(ren) in and out of the car. This procedure will be used for both pick-up and drop-off. No students will enter through the main doors for drop-off or pick-up beginning this school year.

For AM drop off, all students should remain in their car in the car line until a staff member is present at 8:15AM to unload students from their vehicles. In the afternoon, the back gate will be opened at 3PM for afternoon car rider pick up. Please do not line up prior to 3pm.

Each family will receive a "pick-up placard" on the first day of school that can be prominently displayed in their car window for the Titus staff members to see which student(s) are being picked up in the afternoon. Your child(ren)'s last name should be placed in the middle of the placard. It is suggested that you cover your placard with contact paper or a clear plastic sleeve so that it will last the school year. Please bear with us on the first week of school as it may take a little bit longer to adjust to the new drop-off and pick-up procedures. Many Titus staff members will be present at these times during the first week to help direct you through the new loop. We thank you in advance for your cooperation and support in this transition.

Please take a look at the picture below for a visual of the new drop-off and pick-up loop along with the video of Mrs. Pustay driving the loop. The video is sped up for your viewing, but please remember to drive slowly while you are in the Titus parking lot. We appreciate your cooperation and support as we transition to a new drop-off and pick-up procedure.

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Titus pick up route


Walkers and bicyclists that use the walking path next to the Warrington Township Police Department to connect to Oakfield, Chatfield and other streets to our south will be able to utilize this path at the start of the school year on September 3rd. Warrington Township is diligently preparing this path for use and we thank them for all the work that they have put in to make this path safe for our students.

If there are any changes to the path or the completion of the path prior to the beginning of school, Mrs. Pustay will communicate with all parents as quickly as possible.

Changing Dismissal ...

If it is necessary to change your normal pick-up routine at the end of the day, i.e., a different adult, bus rather than car, car rather than bus, a change in child care arrangements, etc., a written note must be presented to the classroom teacher, who will share the information with the office.

Any phone calls regarding a change in end-of-day plans must be directed to the office before 2:30 PM through a phone (267-893-4500, dial zero for the office) or via e-mail (mdaily@cbsd.org and rglasgow@cbsd.org) and not directly to the classroom teacher, as we cannot guarantee the teachers will be able to check their messages during the instructional day.


Our lunch program will begin on Tuesday, September 3rd. For more information regarding Aramark Food Services, including menus and free and reduced lunch applications, please visit their web page.


If you require childcare before 8:15 AM or after dismissal, school-age childcare is available through the school district for Titus students through our own Community Before and After School Programs. The Before and After School Programs are housed in our dining room. These services are available from 7:00 AM to 8:20 AM and 3:20 PM to 6:00 PM each day. Information packets with registration forms are available online, where you can instantly access the registration materials.
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The Parent Portal opened in mid July. For more information on the parent portal, please visit the CBSD website or contact Mrs. Daily at 267.893.4500.


As summer comes to an end, don't forget about supplies for the 2019-2020 school year. All supply lists can be found through the Titus Elementary Website.


On the first day of school for our younger children who might be unable to remember their room and teacher assignment, you may wish to pin an index card on their clothing or book bag indicating their name, classroom, and teacher. Teachers will be stationed throughout the building to assist students as they arrive.

If you wish to walk your child to their classroom on this first day, you must park in the Titus parking lot, enter through the main office to receive a badge, and then you may proceed to the classroom. Upon leaving, you must exit through the main office and return your badge. We appreciate your cooperation with this as safety and security is our top priority.


As in past years, many Titus classrooms have students with severe peanut/nut allergies and those classrooms will be identified as peanut/nut safe classrooms. Please keep an eye out for additional information from your child's teacher regarding the impact of being a part of a peanut/nut safe classroom. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our certified school nurse, Mrs. Wesolowich at 267.893.4515 or Mrs. Pustay.

FROM the NURSE ...

As we return to school this fall, please take the time to check your children's heads for lice. Often children return from summer camp and sports experiences with lice and they don't even know it! Please take the time to check before school starts and treat. Stay vigilant with routine checks throughout the year. Please take a moment to review the CBSD Board Lice Policy and report any active cases to our Certified School Nurse, Mrs. Valerie WENDELL-WESOLOWICH.

Also, all immunizations for new students must be compliant with the State of Pennsylvania School Health Law by September 10, 2019. Students who do not have complete immunizations will be excluded from attending school until the immunizations have been completed and documented submitted to the Certified School Nurse. If you have any questions, please reach out to our school nurse, Mrs. Valerie WENDELL-WESOLOWICH.


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Be sure to keep an eye out for your Race for Education packets during the first week of school. Titus's Race for Education is our Home and School's major fundraiser and together we can make it a huge success!


Join us for cartoons and lots of fun! Popcorn and water will be provided. Please bring a blanket for sitting on the floor. More information and RSVP to come.

  • Date: Friday, September 27th
  • Time: 7-8:30 PM
  • Location: Titus Dining Room
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It's time to kick-off another year of Box Tops for Education collections! Each Box Top is worth 10 cents of "free" money for Titus! This year there will be two ways to earn money. Traditional Box Tops can be clipped and sent into your child's classroom. Each classroom has a collection container and receives credit for the ones they collect. New scan Box Tops can be credited to our school immediately by scanning your store receipt in the Box Tops app on your mobile device. Additional information, as well as a link to download the Box Tops app, can be found here: https://www.titushsa.com/box-tops-for-education More information on the new program and school contests will be announced soon. Thanks for your support!

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