Experts in my fields that I love

I one day hope to be like these people.

Optibotimus ( Youtuber for Transformers)

I love to make YouTube videos and especially videos about Transformers. Optibotimus has been doing youutbe videos about transformers for almost a decade. The formst in which he makes his videos and I one day hope to be able to make videos similar to him. I have always loved transformers and I was searching YouTube for a YouTuber who loves them as much as I do. What I hope to be able to do is to be that person that Optibotimus was for me, for someone else.

Geroge Lucas/ Steven Spielberg ( Two of the most famous, if not the most famous, directors in all of Cinema.

I grew up with most of these directors' movies and I fell in love with them. I see how they make masterpieces of movies and want to be able to do that in the future. I look up to them because the movies they have made, specifically Star Wars, aren't just movies but Franchisees. I one day hope to be able to make my own movie franchise.

Saabkyle04 ( Great YouTuber who reviews cars

Another one of my interests is cars. I at one point in my life didn't care much about them, but after a while I couldn't get enough of them. After being intrested in cars I wanted to do reviews of cars like everyone else. That is where I found out about Saabkyle04. He is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, car reviewer on YouTube. He does so well and the format he uses I'm so happy with the way he does it. I one day hope to be just as good as him and do my own car reviews.