Don't miss Joseph Olewitz at Grady!

Founder of NYC based - 22nd Story Strategies

Please join us for an informative talk you can't afford to miss!

Based in New York City, Olewitz works with companies around the world, where, functioning as a Virtual Chief Revenue Officer for his clients, Olewitz has built and implemented revolutionary and disruptive intentional revenue growth programs based on his deep experience and passion.

Coach, mentor and sales professional Joseph Olewitz spent 16 years responsible for USA and International revenue growth at two multi-national digital agencies before founding his own company, 22nd Story Strategies, in 2010. Created in response to demand from entrepreneurs and executives who realized that an experienced individual such as Olewitz could provide invaluable guidance with regards to revenue growth, 22nd Story Strategies has helped a wide range of businesses from start-ups to global giants meet and exceed their sales and revenue goals.

Joseph Olewitz: "Learning...

Monday, Sep. 28th, 10am

120 Hooper Street

Athens, GA