This Week In Aftermarket

March 18, 2016

Thanks For The Efforts and Orders

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Jim Ligday Combo Salesman at Pugleasa Company and FSR at heart sends us pictures and a full time safety story this week. He states " When loading up the Dok-Guardian on the demo truck, I told my warehouse guy to throw on the SHR on as well. At the end of the Dok Guardian demo I talked about full time safety and the SHR Lok on the back of truck was part of the package. Next thing you know there was an order for (5) guardians with the interlocks and then budgeted the loks first quarter 2016. PO came this week for the Loks, Hook, Line and Sinker! We continue to look for updated Aftermarket Product photos ( Barrier Systems, Fans, Rite-Flex Panels etc..) to add to the IPad, website and e-trunk and are always looking for your photos to share! Looking for High Resolution Photos with Before and After shots to help show our products at work! Please send any recent and relevant application photos to

Quote For The Week:

“No Matter what business you're in, you can't run in place or someone will pass you by. It doesn't matter how many games you've won! - Jimmy Valvano

Have a Fantastic Week!

Jim Oates