Year 5 Newsletter

Friday 13th May 2016

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Welcome to the Year 5 newsletter!

Dear Parents,

We hope you are well!

Thank you to everyone who came to the 'Mum & Daughter' and 'Dad & Son' evenings this week at school. Both evenings were really well attended and will hopefully go some way in preparing the children for the physical and emotional changes that they will go through as they mature.

It’s been another busy few weeks in Year 5 as we move ever so closer to Market Day next Tuesday. This week the children have presented to a business panel who have given them valuable feedback about their enterprise. Thank you, once again, to all of our panel members who took the time to come and support the children. The teachers have been extremely impressed with the level of maturity and detail in the presentations and the children should be very proud of their efforts thus far.

We look forward to seeing all those parents who can join us on Tuesday in the playground from 11.00am-12.30pm.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year 5 Team

Unit of Inquiry

How We Organise Ourselves.

Central Idea: Economic activity relies on systems of production, exchange and

consumption of goods and services.

Lines of Inquiry:

● The role of supply and demand (function, supply and demand)

● The distribution of goods and services (connection, interdependence)

● How economic activity affects our lives (connection, needs and want)

The children have had an exciting few weeks planning for their big Market Day on Tuesday 17th May.

Thank you to all the parents who took part in our Business Panel Presentations. The children enjoyed having the opportunity to present their work and your feedback was very valuable.

A designer and entrepeneur guest talk

On the 4th of May, Mr. Dix, a designer and entrepreneur came to talk to the children about marketing and launching a product. The talk was extremely informative and gave the children food for thought about how important planning and marketing are to the success of a product. We thank Mr. Dix for sharing his creative expertise with us.


We have started our unit on Pattern and Function. The unit conceptual understandings are:

· Functions are relationships or rules that uniquely associate members of one set with members of another set.

· By analysing patterns and identifying rules for patterns it is possible to make predictions.

· Patterns can often be generalised using algebraic expressions, equations or functions.

· Exponential notation is a powerful way to express repeated products of the same number.

The 'I Can' statements for the children are:

· Investigate and represent patterns using words, symbols, numbers, tables and graphs.

· Identify rules for patterns to predict future terms.

· Identify and describe factors and multiples of whole numbers.

· Solve equivalent number sentences involving multiplication and division to find unknown quantities.

A reminder that children can support their learning in the classroom by completing the Mathletics activities online. Well done to all the children who have already collected awards for their participation so far!


The children are now enjoying the opportunity to have a weekly swimming lesson. Please note the date in bold which is swimming safety week. This is a big safety component to our swimming programme where we introduce the students to what it feels like to be fully clothed when swimming. The children will also experience basic life saving techniques should they fall into a body of water.

The students need to bring in the following clothes IN ADDITION to their usual swim kit:

- light coloured tracksuit/pyjama bottoms

- a white long sleeved t-shirt

The children will be under strict supervision at all times by the experienced and fully accredited Platypus teachers.

5A - 10/05 17/05 24/05* 31/05 07/06 14/06 21/06

5B - 10/05 17/05 24/05* 31/05 07/06 14/06 21/06

5D - 09/05 16/05 23/05* 30/05 06/06 13/06 20/06

5K - 06/05 13/05 20/05 27/05* 03/06 14/06 17/06

5S - 09/05 16/05 23/05* 30/05 06/06 13/06 20/06

Important Dates:

  • 17th May Year 5 Market Day
  • 26th May Year 5 trip to Crossroads
  • 27th May Dress Casual Day
  • 9th and 10th June - School Closed