The Immune System

Made by Val Linton

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Immune System Diagram

Major Functions

  • To protect against diseases
  • To identify viruses, bacteria, and parasites

Problems Associated with System

  • Immunodeficiency disorders- Primary or acquired
  • Autoimmune disorders- The body's own immune system attacks its own tissue as a foreign matter
  • Allergic Disorders- The immune system overreacts in response to an antigen
  • Cancers- Pretty self explanatory

How it Works With Other Systems

  • Works with the circulatory system for transportation
  • Works with lymphatic system for producing lymphocytes
  • Works with integumentary system (skin system) for defending against diseases

5 Fun Facts

  • Fevers are signs of your body fighting off a disease
  • Not enough sleep can hurt your immune system
  • Being too clean can weaken your immune system
  • Carnosine, found in chicken soup, can really help you fight off the flu
  • Women are more likely to have an autoimmune system than men